Fortinet FG-7040E Kuwait

Fortinet FG-7040E Kuwait

The Fortinet FortiGate 7000E Series expands Fortinet’s high-end offerings with the new FortiGate 7040E enterprise firewall. Available in six different configurations to meet customer needs, the 7040E offers simplicity and flexibility of deployment, with ultra-high NGFW performance and effortless scale to secure vast amounts of mobile and cloud traffic.



Fortinet FortiGate-7040E Kuwaitcity

The Fortinet Firewall ortiGate-7040E series delivers ultra-high performance NGFW security services for large enterprises and data center environments needing uncompromising protection from cyber threats and malware, at the edge and in the core. At speeds of up to 100 Gbps NGFW throughput combined with simplicity of management, the 7000E series is an extremely fast and advanced NGFW solution.

The Fortinet Enterprise Firewall Solution delivers end-to-end network security with one platform, one network security operating system and unified policy
management with a single pane of glass for the industry’s best protection against the most advanced security threats and targeted attacks.Fortinet firewall FG-7040E in Kuwaitcity Delivering up to 100 Gbps of NGFW throughput, Next Generation Firewall provides the security gateway to the Internet for enterprises.Enforce security policies with granular control and visibility of users and devices for thousands of discrete applications.Identify and stop threats with powerful intrusion prevention beyond port and protocol that examines the actual content of your network traffic.

Suitable for Data center firewall features like High availability, high throughput and low latency firewall for data center edge and core.High session scale for accommodating large network and user traffic for internet and cloud facing data centers.High speed Interfaces for future-proof connectivity while compact size contributes to greener data centers.

Security Fabric Integration of the fortinet firewall FortiGate appliances, interconnected with the Fortinet Security Fabric, form the backbone of the Fortinet Enterprise Solution.Control all the security and networking capabilities across the entire FortiGate platform with one intuitive operating system. Reduce operating expenses and save time with a truly consolidated next generation security platform.

Fortinet FortiGate-7040E Supported Modules

  • Fortinet Processor Module 7620E
    Latest purpose-built SPU CP9 accelerated processor module with superior content processing throughput and protection. Runs on FortiOS 5 the most powerful security operating system in the world.
  • Fortinet Interface Module 7901E
    High performance, SPU DP2 accelerated networking blade with 32x GE/10 GE SFP/ slots.
  • Fortinet Interface Module 7904E
    High performance, SPU DP2 accelerated networking blade with 8x 40 GE QSFP slots.
  • Fortinet Interface Module 7910E
    High performance, SPU DP2 accelerated networking blade with 4x 100 GE CFP2 slots.
  • Fortinet Interface Module 7920E
    High performance, SPU DP2 accelerated networking blade with 4x 100 GE QSFP28 slots.

FortiGate FG-7040E  Features.

  • Modular Security Gateway :  Hot swappable modules and chassis upgradeability for easy expansion.
  • Industry Leading NGFW Performance : Optimized for 100 Gbps of NGFW performance in the core network.
  • Simplified Management and Licensing : Centralized licensing that is simple and easy to manage.
  • Virtual Domains for Segmentation : Multiple independent virtual domains (VDOMs), each with customized security policies, logging and controls.
  • Security Processor CP9 : Powered by the latest generation of security processor technology for maximum security, higher performance, less space and less power.
  • Single Pane of Glass Management :  Single pane of glass for manageability and visibility.