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VDS Kuwait offers the best telecom solutions [ Badala ], IT Solutions, and on-premise security solutions fo for your business. These solutions include the latest generation products which enable your business to overcome challenges and cope with modern technology. Before prescribing you something for your needs, we first check your business infrastructure and what you are trying to achieve. These two things prove our Excellency. We offer our clients with Integration of the Latest Generation Technology to improve  Business Applications. We have a comprehensive portfolio of services rendered to the client, regardless of size and type.

We can support your hardware platforms and software as well as ensure quick response to problems during the day. We can support your business with Data Networking, Structured cabling, Desktop Support, Server Management, Office Telephone Systems, Video Conferencing Systems, and CCTV Security. We supply a vast array of products with the assurance of the best price guarantee.


There are many business office telephone systems that you can choose for your business, and this can make finding the best one difficult. However, we can help you out by matching your requirements with the best  Telephony Products. We have the experience of helping businesses identify the right telephone systems, be it a traditional PABX Phone System or the latest  IP-Enabled Phone System.  We have an extensive range of business telephone systems, communication equipment like Avaya Office Telephone System, Panasonic Telephone System, NEC Telephone System, Yeastar IP Pbx phone system, Cisco Telephony, Grandstream PBX, Polycom Conference Phones and Dlink IP Pbx telephone system.  We offer complete end-to-end and cost-effective solutions to satisfy any business requirement. We’ll start by helping you with your phone system specification and configuration.  To help you find the right business telephony solution we will look at your business’ needs, your office set up, the needs of your employees, the problems you are looking to overcome and the flexibility you require.

Finding the cost of a new PBX telephone system, costing your PBX phone system project, has never been easier!  VDS Kuwait Help you choose the right solution for your business. Our friendly and highly skilled support and installation team make sure you are getting the solution you expected. .VDS Kuwait based in Kuwait, Kuwait City  highly skilled in basic to advance telephony solutions. We provide phone system supply and installation in Kuwait, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah & Al Ain.

Preparing you for the future

We believe in pure and clear communication, therefore, we help you with it by implementing the finest technological pieces available in the market. We make you perfectly equipped for future possibilities. Yes. We take care of everything from the outset as we opt for future standard IP technology. With our years of experience in telephony, we provide you the cutting edge solutions for unified communication.

Business Communication Tools – Office Telephone System

The way of Customer engagement can accelerate growth and revolutionize business

Our Office communication systems offer the flexibility required for any of today’s business model. Whether it is a multinational company having several branched in different countries or a small business with a few numbers of users. Our business telephone system range covers a variety of office communication products, from the simple digital phone system to feature-rich IP Telephone system. The orthodox way of customer telephone call interaction is long gone. Nowadays most businesses need either full-fledged call center or minimum call center features to handle their customers.

If your business model demanding a full-fledged call center or you are looking for minimum features in a cost-effective way, we got you covered. Vector Kuwait can offer a complete call center solution the way you imagine. Our goal is to provide a more flexible workforce, in a simple, cost-effectively, scalable, way and is ready for whatever the future holds.

IP Telephone Systems

We provide you with innovative technology with a broad range of telephonic systems selected from all the major brands. Yes, our range of telephone is selected from the world-renowned telephony providers along with our customized services.

We are accredited of telephonic systems from numerous brands. Furthermore, we deliver a complete communication system to every corner of your needs. It doesn’t matter how may extension you have or planning to have in future. We help you with it despite you need it for your office, home or even on the move.

Our integrated yet scalable tech allows you to communicate without a hitch anywhere anytime you want. Not to mention, we also help you with selecting the best system according to your business and its need. Apart from selecting, we also serve you for configuring and implementing these changes in your business infrastructure. How we do this, let the following points make it clear for you!

  • Telecom

The rich experience in modern telecommunication that we provide you will offer nothing but optimal solutions.

  • Distribution

Our company distributes products from top brands to end customers who are looking for the best performances at an affordable price.

  • Intelligent Solution

We not only provide but we also customize automatic systems that prove to be simple to use while they make your every work more comfortable than ever.

Changing the trend

Fortunately, Small businesses realize the benefit of Unified communication, but they are still trying to settle with that clutter. Well, this is where we come in. We are your VoIP adviser who apart from understanding all the details of Unified Communication also cares to learn about your business. With this, we help you to be better organized, competent and even efficient.

Providing you with the Best

 We help you to prepare your business to change and better serve its prospects. Yes, we offer you the ultimate efficiency, flexibility, speed and productivity which you unlikely experience with someone else. Whatever you need, from the top of the range Phone systems to VoIP solutions, we have you covered for all of these.

To serve you with the best, we carefully listen to each detail and make sure we understand your needs before we start working on them. While we work towards your success, we suggest top-notch solutions, implement the far most advanced technology and provide you exclusive services as we have set high standards for our services.

Grow with Us

If you need an end to end Unified communication solution, then leave it to us! Why? It’s because we offer you the enterprise-class features that you can afford easily. We have the best value for your business phone infrastructure with the versatility and power you need for an IP PBX.

The main goal of every business is to grow and prosper. This includes everything from increasing its overall revenue to set its margin a bit higher in order to expand its workforce as well as a physical location. The challenge here is the precise planning and management of technological infrastructure that is needed for the constant growth.

In here, the business phone becomes an important element of this infrastructure with its affordability and the element of smart growth.

Phone Systems installation and after sales support

Can you imagine a phone system increase your productivity and overall business performance? It is always not the telephone system brand help you to achieve this. The way the communication system installed and how the user using it. We offer highly professional telephone system installation, Training and after sales support to achieve your goals. Call us today on +971 4 4504145 and talk to one of our sales engineers for your telecom requirements.

IP PBX Kuwait

IP Telephone System [ IP PBX ] allows you to use your phone using the Internet channel. IP-telephony, converting voice into digital packets transmitted it to any point of the earth through the Internet.

All businesses, regardless of their size or industry, need the ability to communicate effectively. VoIP is widely considered beneficial for businesses because of its ability to reduce telecom costs, improve functionality and boost efficiency in the workplace by providing employees with more resilient and dependable voice services. As remote working has increased in recent years, decentralizing the workforce further fuelling the rise in popularity in VoIP systems.

Every business, no matter what their size or industry, require the capability to communicate effectively. VoIP Telephone System is widely considered beneficial for businesses just because of its ability to reduce telecom costs, improve functionality and boost efficiency {at work-at the office} through providing employees with an increase of resilient and dependable voice services. As remote working has grown in recent times, centralizing the workforce further fueling the rise in popularity in VoIP Telephone systems.
Among the commonly overlooked benefits of VoIP is being able to support integration between critical applications. VoIP Telephony functionality is also very customizable, meaning you may use a blend of call forwarding, video or audio conferencing, voicemail services along with other solutions that will enhance the telecommunication experience.

Small Business PBX

Traditionally, an old business PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone switching system that manages outgoing and incoming calls for firm internal users. A PBX is linked to the public phone system and mechanically routes incoming calls to individual extensions. It also manages and shares multiple lines. A typical little business PBX system includes internal and external phone lines; a Central Unit that manages call routing and switching, and a console for manual control.

IP-Based Small Business PBX

An IP PBX can perform everything a traditional little business PBX can do and more. It does the switching and linking of landline calls as well as Voice over IP. [VOIP]. A Conventional PBX needs two networks, one for data and another for voice line to the outside world. An IP PBX system works on an IP data network, which minimizes network management and saves costs. You can use softphones, landline phones and IP phones on an IP PBX phone system. Small business needs specialized specs to support their particular workflows.  It gathers an IP PBX with robust telephony specs that traditional phone system cannot provide. IP PBX SYSTEM  is reliable, affordable, easy to deploy, full-featured, maintain and administer. It supports small business amazingly decrease communications and network management costs, improve collaboration, and get better productivity and more. It is a server which use your network link to route all your outgoing and incoming calls. Your customers can get directed to perfect person quickly. Routing can be based on either selection,  skills, time or hunting.

The  VOIP PBX permits for seamless add-on specs as well as standard specs found on conventional PABXs. This can be handled easily because of less maintenance, dedicated infrastructure, and upgrades can be managed remotely.

Our services area includes all areas of Kuwait.