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Grandstream FXO, FXS, PRI VoIP Gateway

For Communication Systems, Grandstream Gateways create an efficient bridge by integrating traditional telephone systems into a VoIP technology and vice versa. Grandstream offer Gateway and ATA category. The Grandstream VoIP Gateway categories are GXW4500 ISDN Gateway, gxw4200 FXS Gateway, GXW100 FXO Gateway, and HT Series ATA Adaptors.
Grandstream offer Gateways in FXO Models to connect IP PBX Systems to service provider lines (PSTN) and FXS models for connecting analog telephone and fax machines to IP PBX Systems.

Grandstream GXW VoIP Gateway Series tested and designed to match r full compatibility with leading IP Telephone System Brands, Such as Avaya, Asterisk, Digium, Sangoma, Yeastar,  Panasonic, Cisco and Grandstream Telephone System itself. Grandstream Gateways in Dubai are SIP-based devices and offered in different port configurations.
Grandstream Analog Gateways help organizations to create a high-end and manageable VoIP telephony hybrid applications.  Grandstream ATA Adaptors are Handy while integrating analog phones for an office or home application. Grandstream’s HT series of Analog Telephone Adapters fulfill the requirement of integrating individual analog telephones.
Grandstream introduces GXW IP Gateway Series to create seamless office environments which may need traditional phone systems integration to a VoIP Telephony.
The GXW4500 Digital Gateways from Grandstream feature PRI /E1/T1 Line integration into VoIP Network. The Grandstream GXW4500 Series offered in 3 models with different port configuration and concurrent call capacity. GWN4500 Series provide one, two and Four software configurable PRI/E1/T1/J1 Ports and support thirty, sixty, or one twenty simultaneous calls.
The GXW4200 Designed for Analog FXS High-density applications. It is available in different port configuration from 4 port to 48 port in a single device. The GWN4200 Series help different size organizations to create an easy deployable VoIP Telephony solution. These FXS VoIP gateways feature seamless connectivity between multiple locations even it’s geographically displaced in different continents. All displayed VoIP Gateways in a network can integrate with to any on-premise IP PBX System or hosted VoIP network.

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