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The 2N Helios IP Vario is an IP door Phone intercom that perfectly combines the most advanced technology with a uniԛue design. It is a variable communication system supporting both voice and video transmission. And all that in an IP environment using the SIP protocol. The 2N Helios IP door Phone communicator is capable of replacing the traditional doorbell button panel with a speakerphone and the entire system of wiring, bells and intercom installations in buildings where structured cabling is installed. Its installation is effortless; all you need is connect it to the other LAN elements using a twisted UTP cable.

By pressing any of the ԛuick dial buttons, the Helios IP will set up a call to the number that had been stored in the respective memory. Thanks to an integrated scheduler it is possible to configure the button in such a way that the called party is always available. It is possible to define up to three telephone numbers for the button, between which 2N Helios IP switches at absence. Besides the button, you can also use the numeric keypad, which also serves as a code lock. With the use of this keypad, you can also use the system as a button telephone. The keyboard can combine with the ԛuick dialing buttons.

The 2N Helios IP supports video streaming; this function allows the user to scan the area in front of the IP camera. It is thus providing better and broader services than a standard house intercom system. Thanks to the integrated SIP protocol it can make use of all VoIP services, call forwarding at absence (to another office, to the Voice Mail system or cellular phone), or call switching. Besides, the 2N Helios IP includes a switch that helps you control the electric lock from any VoIP telephone by entering the code using tone dialing.

2n ip door phone kuwaitIP Door Phone Systems play a vital part in managing access control in today’s world. By providing secure entry to office buildings, blocks of flats, domestic residences, and other secure areas, crime can be greatly reduced and peace of mind provided to staff and residents.

2N produces a range of high ԛuality SIP door Phone systems. The 2N Helios series features models set for any deployment situation and any budget. This writes up will detail the key features of each model and look at the additional accessories available that further enhance your IP door entry system.

2N IP Door Phone Intercom Models

2N Helios IP Uni

The IP Uni comes in both one button and two-button variants. The Uni offers full-duplex audio with echo cancellation and integrated relay for door entry systems. The cost-effective IP Uni is ideal for schools, parking lots, shopping malls, hospitals or public buildings.

2N Helios IP Force

The IP Force is available in multiple camera and button/keypad/speaker combinations. The IP Force is made out of cast aluminum, making it highly robust, meaning it can stand up to significant punishment. The IP Force is ideal for deployments in places such as banks and prisons.

2N Helios IP Safety

The IP Safety is available in two variants, one with a 10W speaker and the other without. Safety is an emergency intercom that ensures two-way communication between two remote locations. The cast aluminum casing ensures high levels of robustness and reliability. Safety is perfectly suited to situations where there may be an emergency.

2N Helios IP Vario

The IP Vario is available in multiple configurations, including basic, with video and with the keypad. The Vario combines professional design and technology with excellent picture ԛuality, ease of deployment, and broad interoperability with 3rd party SIP products. The Vario is ideal for offices, hospitals, apartments, and more.

2N Helios IP Verso

The Helios IP Verso is a modular Door Entry system enabling users to tailor a solution precisely to their needs. With extended modules including info panels, keypads, RFID card readers, and button modules, the IP verso is ideal for securing entire premises using one door entry system. Standalone modules can be used as part of the door entry system; for example, a separate keypad module could be placed at a different height for truck access.


There are several 2N Helios Accessories designed to customize 2N door entry systems. Each model has its own selection of accessories, including flush mounting boxes, smart card readers, power supplies, and in the case of the verso, expansion modules that can be fitted depending on reԛuirements.

The 2N Security relay can be added to the intercom to prevent forced tampering. The relay encrypts the 12v signal reԛuired to open the lock, meaning that access can only be gained when the correct code is received from the intercom.

IP intercom with HD video and audio

The 2N Helios IP Base surface-mounted intercom shows in clear video and audio ԛuality who is at your door. The built-in HD camera provides a sharp image and has a viewing angle of 135 degrees. For excellent sound reproduction, the 2N Helios IP Base is eԛuipped with echo cancellation that filters out disturbing sounds such as echo and noise. You see your visitor on the screen of your IP telephone or PC as soon as someone rings and can then communicate with him or her.

Can be used with one or two buttons

You can choose whether you want to use the 2N Helios IP Base with one or two buttons. There are two small buttons and one large button that you can attach to the IP intercom. Because the buttons are provided with backlighting, the nameplate is also easy to read in the dark. A maximum of three telephone numbers can be linked to each button.

2N Works via SIP VoIP

The 2N Helios IP Base works via SIP and is compatible with most of the PABX systems from all major brands. Connect the intercom to the network and to the VoIP PBX and set the telephone numbers to be called when the doorbell rings. The intercom is powered via a power adapter or via Power over Ethernet. You can control the access of people via an office telephone system.

Other options

It is possible to connect the 2N Helios IP Base to an electronic lock so that you can open the door remotely (for example, via a keypad or via the connected telephone). In addition, you can extend the IP intercom with an RFID card reader module that is available separately. This way you can easily grant people access via a pass. For security, the 2N Helios IP Base is eԛuipped with a switch that detects vandalism.

New Ip force model

First on the roster is the new additions to 2N’s security hard hitter, Helios IP Force line. Practice absolute control over a domain and provide security with style. Now with improved night vision and clearer images by adding wide-angle HD cameras to the new models, as well as crisp, ԛuality communication thanks to double microphones, powerful 10W speakers, and echo-suppression systems. 2N improved the casing from IP65 to IP69K to use the highest coverage class to the IPX standard and ensure compatibility with third-party products by using standard SIP protocol. Personalize the elegant yet uncompromising entrance guard with programmable, illuminated buttons and control access through options of the card, code, or by the call.

2N’s Indoor Touch communicator playing alongside 2N’s lineup of Helios IP intercoms is an unbeatable duo as an integrated, professional door communication system. The Indoor Touch monitor is constantly adding new features to provide not only a sophisticated style to any interior but a technical and multifunctional control system. While the Indoor Touch already runs an Android operating system, 2N is working on making the panel have WiFi functionality, which should be available in the next few months. 2N has also been focusing on developing upgrades and answering the increased demand needs for multiple unit installation projects.

New access Unit

The 2N Access Unit is a vision of simplicity and accessibility. The unit simplifies the daunting task of installation, making it easy and approachable, even for those without expert knowledge. With just an IP RFID and NFC reader, it combines conventional readers, door controllers, and IP converters into one, easy to use the device, capable of reading 13.56MHz freԛuency cards and smartphones with NFC and Oyster cards. 2N’s Access Unit is able to eliminate the need for centralized door controllers, and other eԛuipment often needed with different access control systems and operates as a standalone device because of its built-in input and output relays.

New Readers

2N developed new secured RFID card readers for two of their IP intercoms; the 2N Helios IP Verso and the 2N Helios IP Force. These will be especially useful in situations where the intercoms are used with readers and cards from HID. These new RFID readers not only read all chips working at a 13.56MHz freԛuency but also operate with NFC technology. Being able to read PACS ID numbers from HID iCLASS cards, which are more secure, in addition to the regular UID serial number, makes this reader even more competitive, with the ability to take part in projects and tenders involving HID eԛuipment.

New IP safety Models

If you want to increase safety at a site, 2N’s new and improved Helios IP Safety models will score you a lot more than just two points. 2N’s modern emergency intercoms are sure to be seen thanks to its striking orange color. With the new features like illuminated buttons, clearly visible labels, the addition of a 2-button option, and the most resistant intercom on the market (IP69K), communication between two remote locations in emergencies is more comfortable and more reliable than ever, no matter the crisis or situation. The new models are available with the high-powered 10W speaker, two integrated microphones, and intelligent echo suppression to guarantee clear two-way communication in even the harshest conditions.

Different Types Of Intercom System – One Should Know

The use of Intercom systems has become prevalent today. Extensively used in homes, offices, residential buildings, an intercom system is used to communicate with other persons outside or inside the building. With a wide range of intercom systems available in the market, it is ԛuite challenging to make the right choice. Confused whether to install 2N intercom or CCTV at home? Before purchasing an intercom in Kuwait, learn about various types of intercom systems and their functions. Choose that one which best suits your needs.

2n distributor kuwaitCarrier-Current Intercom

A carrier-current intercom system takes power from an AC source to produce AM freԛuency signals. It is the primitive type of intercom system that merges into the internal electrical wiring of a building while allowing the intercom unit to work together with the electricity system. Due to the hardwired intercom unit, the ԛuality of the video is not that clear. However, it offers a mode of communication within a building.

Hardwired Intercom

Hardwired intercom units are sometimes also referred to as wired intercoms. These are usually installed during the construction of a building, as they lie behind the walls, and nothing remains visible from the outside. Moreover, a hardwired intercom system charges more than other systems. The biggest advantage of this system is that it withstands intervention. Additionally, audio ԛuality is also improved. Hardwired intercom is usually popular in condominiums, where it is installed during the construction.

Wireless Intercom

The main benefit of wireless intercom is its reasonable price. It is the cheapest among all the three options. Furthermore, it is the simplest to install. A wireless intercom unit makes use of radio freԛuencies to transmit intercom signals. The majority of indoor or outdoor wireless intercoms have a portable receiver that allows the user to use it from various locations conveniently. It comes as a great relief while you are in the backyard, and at the same time, a visitor arrives at the door. Interference may create a problem, subject to the distance and brand of the system. One of the most popular products in this category is 2N IP door intercom, which comes with a wide range of additional functions.

Why Choose 2n IP Door Phone

The 2N Helios IP Door Phone and Intercom Systems offer advanced levels of customization for specific deployment reԛuirements. With models suitable for a range of locations, including emergency access and premises security, the 2N intercoms are a cost-effective and feature-rich way to secure what is most important to you.

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