EnGenius Access Point Kuwait

A wireless access point is a device that creates a local area network, normally in an office environment or large building. Using an Ethernet cable, the access point connects to a wired router, hub or a switch and offers Wi-Fi signal to a designated area. For instance, if you are in need to enable access to the Wi-Fi near the reception area of your office but do not have a router within the specific range, you can make use of the access point near the reception front desk and run an Ethernet cable back to the server room.

In simpler words, access points are a central transmitter and receiver of wireless radio signals. The wireless access point supports Wi-Fi and can be used in homes, offices and public internet hotspots.

How Does EnGenius Access Point Work?

The EnGenius Wireless Access Point works by connecting the network switch or broadband router with a data or Ethernet cable. This provides the access point with the bandwidth and the internet connection required. The access point then transmits and receives radio signals in either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency range. This ensures that you can connect wirelessly to the Local Area Network and the internet.

It is perfect for devices that cannot connect to a physical Ethernet cable or doing so would mean a lot of undertaking. Thus, using an access point is a perfect solution for offering internet connection to tablets, smartphones, laptops and wireless audio systems. You can even use the wireless access point to offer internet connection to your smart TV and likewise.

Public Wi-Fi hotspots generally deploy more than one wireless access point to provide Wi-Fi coverage area. Even businesses typically make use of several access point devices throughout the office area. That being said, determining the best locations to deploy access point devices can be a tedious and cumbersome task, even for specialists due to the need to cover the area evenly where reliable internet connection can be obtained.

Engenius supplier kuwaitDifference between EnGenius Access Point and Router

If you are not sure what are the main differences between a router and an EnGenius Access Point, then read on. A router acts as a hub that sets up the local area network, managing all of the devices and communication in it. On the other hand, the wireless access point is a type of sub-device within the local area network that offers another location for devices to connect from, thus enabling an increasing number of devices to be connected on the network.

Moreover, wireless routers can function as access points, however, not all access points can function as routers. Routers are responsible to manage local area networks, acquire, dispatch and distribute data in various directions, ensure security while establishing a point of connectivity. Whereas access points are only responsible to provide access to the routers established network.

If you are wondering which one is better to be used, then the answer might vary depending upon the kind of your need. For home and SMEs, routers would be the optimum choice as the number of devices needed to be connected to the internet are less. However, for medium and large organizations, deploying wireless access points is necessary, as there are large devices to be connected to the internet.

Features of EnGenius Access Point

  1. Speed and Performance

The EnGenius Access Point makes use of advanced 11ac wave 2 Wi-Fi technology, which maximizes wireless speed up to 30% faster. It ensures that the performance is improved while eliminating any network lag.

  1. Improved Signal Reliability

Even when the staff or the customers move throughout the area, the EnGenius Access Point ensures optimal signal and reception reliability. The EnGenius Access Point delivers reliable signal due to the beamforming antenna technology which directs and adjusts signal beams.

  1. Multi-User

The EnGenius Access Point MIMO sends dedicated wireless streams to various users at the same time. Thus, improving the overall efficiency of your network providing more number of simultaneous connections.

  1. Weatherproof

The EnGenius Outdoor Access Point comes with a weatherproof design that can withstand harsh elements. The IP55 specifications of the access point offer much-needed resistance against dust, water, and dirt.

Advantages of EnGenius Access Point

  1. More User Access

A typical wireless router can only support 15 – 20 users’ access. However, once you deploy EnGenius Access Point in your organization it will allow hundreds of users to get access to the internet connection. In addition to this, the access point has better capabilities to send and receive signals. This can be even more important in companies with a large area that needs wireless coverage. An EnGenius access point has more to offer than a typical router for your large corporation.

  1. Flexible Networking

Wireless networking in commercial locations such as large corporations and companies often involves the use of various wireless devices. Moreover, different networking patterns have to be adopted according to the requirements and the environment. The networking mode offered by the wireless router is relatively single and with low flexibility. Whereas, an EnGenius Access Point has several different modes that users can choose from, thus offering more networking flexibility. These modes include Simples Access Point, Wireless Client, Multi-Point Bridge, Wireless Bridge, and others. All of these can be managed in a centralized way in accordance with the wireless access point controller.

  1. Broader Range of Transmission

In general terms, if you consider the range of transmission offered by a router is only a few dozens of meters. If the device that needs connection is beyond this range, the signal will be lost. However, EnGenius Access Point cover further distances and provides a connection up to 100 – 300 meters. If there is more than one access point deployed within the organization, the signal coverage area will be increased exponentially, allowing users to roam freely within the network. A broader range of transmission is especially important for large enterprises with large office space and even when there is a need to communicate across the buildings. Additionally, the number of users is so many that are accessing the network, enterprises need a larger wireless network that can deliver a broader range of transmission.

  1. Multi-Access Point Interconnection

Another advantage of using an access point device is that enterprises can design the wireless program as needed. The Multi-Access Point applications are generally found in businesses, where the coverage of a single access point is limited. Thus, to extend the coverage of wireless networks and allow users to move freely within the network, Multi-Access Point Interconnection is more favored by enterprises.

  1. Encrypted Data Transmission

When you choose the EnGenius cloud for the network, all of the data that is transmitted between the devices is protected. The cloud management services of EnGenius creates a secure tunnel between the device and the cloud, which ensures that the data is transmitted securely. EnGenius Access Point comes with all the necessary security features to protect your company’s infrastructure, devices, and data.

Why Choose EnGenius

EnGenius Access Point is an excellent choice of access point device for a home as well as businesses, who are looking to extend the reach of their network indoors or in outdoor areas. The weatherproof features of the device will ensure that the access point will stand to harsh elements such as dust, dirt, and water while offering several different management features that will provide a secure Wi-Fi network for all of your devices with optimized bandwidth. With features such as improved speed, reliability, and performance, EnGenius Access Point is one of the best available.