Panasonic HTS32 IP PBX System

Panasonic HTS32

The KX-HTS32 is an advanced IP-PBX hybrid technology for small and medium enterprises. It has a capacity for up to 24 extensions to meet only through the SMB market. Affordable, and with all the integrated standard features necessary. KX-HTS32 has the credit system for SIP trunks, and no need to buy external devices via IP.

Another unique feature is the built-in router and Wi-Fi access point.

KX-HTS32 functions as a platform for voice processing and as a network device.

A full range of terminals is available for the KX-HTS32, allowing optimum communication for SMB companies.

The system also operates exclusively for ease of installation and maintenance.

Even for business trends such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices), KX-HTS32 offers a solution with integrated capabilities.

Panasonic HDV Series IP Phones & NTV Series Door Phones

Panasonic HDV Series IP Phones

Panasonic HDV Series IP Phones provide businesses with unmatched communication performance and features they really want. The Panasonic HDV Series IP Phones best suites for HTS32 IP PBX Systems.

Panasonic NTV Series Video Door Phone

KX-NTV Series Vidio Door Phone allows the user to interact with the visitors with HD Video and Audio Support.These Door phones can connect and integrate with HTS32 PBX and work as part of the overall telephone system. Panasonic Video Door Phones are available in 2 models. That is KX-NTV160 and KX-NTV150.

Why Choose Panasonic HTS32 IP PBX

Cost Savings

Want to reduce costs of communication and network devices, or want to have a different function? KX-HTS32 can provide a solution for your business.

The new IP PBX Panasonic hybrid compact has basic call processing functions, and router functions are integrated and can create a business communications system that includes video communications.

All in one platform

Standard features for processing the necessary calls, such as caller ID, DISA (Automatic Call Routing) and auto attendant/voice mail are built.

Up to 6 SIP trunks and SIP extensions 24 are also integrated, so you can use without having to purchase additional equipment or activation keys.

An analog line capacity 4:08 extension is also included, which can increase 8 trunks and 24 Optional extension card.

The integrated function of the system is a router.

KX-HTS32 can be used as a phone system and device networks.

Flexible hybrid IP/Legacy

KX-HTS32 allows you to combine both IP and existing kernel based on your needs and build flexible, cost-effective systems.

There is no need to change to change the analog PBX SIP trunks in the future.

SIP trunk to support SIP

SIP trunk with SIP support can be used without additional equipment or activation key. This enables cost reduction through the trails through the SIP carriers in different countries.

Easy Maintenance

The phone can be used immediately without any further adjustments because the configuration of the internal/external line is automatically set by connecting the terminal to the KX-HTS32. In addition, Web programming is possible with the KX-HTS32. The graphical user interface Web console is very simple, which lets you set up and easy maintenance.

Easy installation (plug and play)

The phone can be used immediately without any further adjustments because the configuration of the internal/external line is automatically set by connecting the terminal to the KX-HTS32. Web programming is compatible with KX-HTS32. Outside secure Web programming is available via HTTPS.

Simplified Maintenance – Web Maintenance

The functions of the system monitor and configuration can be changed via KX-HTS32 web interface over an IP network. Users can also program your telephone (KX-series HDV) using the web.

Improved Operating Efficiency

Although KX-HTS32 accessible system has a number of integrated solutions, such as Relay Media Gateway function or voice notification. In addition, KX-HTS32 has a full range of terminal as compatible devices. It consists camcorders communication terminal or communication or Door phones.

IP Remote Extension

Integrated Media Gateway relay function supports remote IP VPN without extensions KX-HDV phones, smart phones with phone functions and PC SIP and SIP third party desktop phones software. 

Using Office as -SMB

Want to reduce costs of communication and network devices, or want to have a different function? KX-HTS32 can provide a solution for your application.

The new IP PBX Panasonic compact hybrid has the basic features and functions that are built and the router can build a commercial communication system, including handling video calls.

Panasonic KX-HTS32 PBX Benefits

Although mobile phones have had a significant impact on the way we use phones for communication, desktop phones still dominate manage when it comes to the value and usefulness. They are not only useful for receiving calls from outside but also serve perfectly to communicate within the office.

They are ideal for

– Creating a network within the office complex

– Completion of a teleconference

– Expanding Progressive

– Send and receive faxes

– Share one or more telephone lines between users

Panasonic office phones are one of the most desirable phones around the world. What makes them so special is its wide range of phones to homes and businesses. They are compatible with equipment telephone exchange, a clear voice and can connect and synchronize with other devices, such as EPABX and PBX. They are available in different configurations and different price ranges.

Some of the popular Panasonic phone – fixed line phone, fixed telephone landline Caller ID, cordless phone, programmable tone telephone dial/pulse with a headset, the call to the headset (only Panasonic) EPABX) called cordless phones ID with battery backup.

Conference call ID-3 (the two outer lines), wireless phones with headsets, cordless phone with rechargeable batteries mounted on the wall ID, fixed and wireless phone 2 in 1 Caller ID 3-way conference calls on a conference call with iD to 3 and 8 extensions are also available in the Panasonic range phones.

Panasonic’s business communications systems provide flexibility for any business today. Ultimately, flexible and reliable, they are able to be configured to meet the needs of any organization websites growth and need a system with the flexibility to manage the growing demand, a multi-site company needs effective communication possibilities in places and/or time zones. Our range of telephone systems covering a wide variety of office communications products and simple digital system to traditional office phone platform with advanced IP communications for large companies in more places.

Panasonic offers a range of telephone systems, including IP telephone systems, hybrid phone systems, digital phone systems and analog systems that are easy to configure and offer the flexibility and maneuverability, making them an ideal solution for your business.

The range of IP PBX system combines the benefits of traditional phone calls with IP technology, and it also offers a feature-rich functionality and the ability to meet all your communication needs. Panasonic IP systems to centrally manage communications, which means that costs can be reduced and improving efficiency.

Panasonic analog systems allow you to gradually migrate to IP functionality, which may be useful in managing your budget. Offering flexible call handling and diverse range of handsets, this phone system is an ideal solution for wireless communication needs.

Packed with advanced features and applications, digital hybrid systems offer include a large mixing PBX reliable industry products and IP, providing an effective and flexible set of cable systems and wireless communications.

Systems ideal for any industry

The business phone systems are suitable for various industrial sectors, including health care, sales, education and public administration.

Specific options and enhanced routing with flexible integration with computers, our phone systems are flexible. With powerful and flexible features, they can provide all that is necessary to maintain contacts and management of existing and potential customers, if the production organization, distribution, finance, education, public service, or providing expert sales and marketing.