Polycom Realpresence Trio Kuwait

Polycom Trio Family Consist of Trio 8500, Trio 8800, Trio Visual Plus and Trio Visual Pro. The Advantage of Trio Family is the assurance of High-quality audio from Polycom. The Trio is designed as a smart brain for your meeting room. The Trio Family products also ensure the options for video and content, which let you transform you convert the meeting room hassle free team collaboration space.

Collaboration KIT

The Polycom RealPresence Trio Collaboration Kit includes Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800 conference phone, Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800 Visual+ accessory, and a Logitech USB compression camera. The Trio is Polycom’s most advanced conference phone yet, with industry-leading sound and an intuitive, touchscreen interface that give best user experience. The Visual Plus transforms phone calls into multimedia collaboration by allowing you to share content, as well as 1080p video taken by the included Logitech webcam. Polycom Trio Collaboration Kit is optimized for Microsoft Skype for Business. You get the robust functionality of Microsoft’s unified communications platform with the incredible sound quality of Polycom’s most advanced conference phone.

The Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800 brings voice, video, and content sharing together into one collaborative hub. Use the phone as an audio conferencing solution, with HD Voice and NoiseBlock technologies enhancing voice quality. Connect the conference phone to your network via Ethernet or WiFi. All of the phone’s features can be accessed through the intuitive five-inch touchscreen, with additional microphone mute buttons located on each of the three arms. Bring your own device to the meeting with Bluetooth and USB. The Polycom Trio wirelessly connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth with NFC, or to a computer or laptop via USB. The available Trio Visual+ Accessory is required to enable the video and content sharing capabilities of the phone. With this accessory, the phone is able to access a camera and facilitate virtual collaboration. Optional expansion microphones are also available.

Polycom Trio Kuwait

Benefits of Polycom Trio

“Work” has changed radically, from a place where we go to – become something that we do not depend on time, place and device we use. The offices and meeting rooms, making the traditional work space open, space for group work and mobile space, or small rooms for private consultation, all of which creates many challenges for the effective cooperation today.To collaboration and teamwork thrive in the future work environment, organizations need to have the right tools.The collaboration solutions should also ensure ease of use and suitable for all workspaces at any scale. The latest Polycom Real Presence Trio Video Conferencing solutions are developed to solve these challenges by the simple but effective system, allowing customers to collaborate more effectively in multiple workspaces more.

  • Collaboration with complete visual HD content sharing  and video interaction in real time.
  • Simple touch interface that minimizes errors and speeds up and facilitates connection with a single touch to join the meeting.
  • improved management and protection of investment through the implementation powered via Ethernet (PoE) without interaction (ZeroTouch) to connect with the main platforms calls.
  • Affordable price and easy adoption and conduct any meeting .


Polycom Trio 8800 – Collaboration Kit – Skype for Business

Polycom Trio Collaboration Kit is optimized for Microsoft Skype for Business. You can enjoy the meeting with the robust functionality of Microsoft’s unified communications platform with the incredible sound quality of Polycom’s most advanced conference phone. Both the phone and the accessory have Gigabit Ethernet ports, and both can be powered via PoE.

Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800 Collaboration Kit Quick Specification:

  • Certified for Microsoft Skype for Business.
  • Comes with Trio, Visual+ accessory, and USB compression camera.
  • HD Voice technology with Acoustic Clarity and NoiseBlock.
  • Three built-in cardioid microphones with 20-foot pickup radius.
  • Five-inch color LCD touchscreen display.
  • Support for H.264 AVC and H.264 High Profile video.
  • HDMI 1.4 connectivity through the Visual+ accessory.
  • Iconic three-arm design with mute buttons on each.
  • Network connectivity via Gigabit switch port and WiFi.
  • BYOD connectivity via USB and Bluetooth.
  • Approximate length of 15 inches.

Polycom RealPresence Trio Collaboration Kit  Package Contents:

  • Polycom RealPresence Trio phone console
  • 25-foot Ethernet cable
  • 6.5-foot USB cable
  • Cable wrap
  • Tactile overlay for improved accessibility
  • Setup sheet
  • Polycom RealPresence Trio Visual+ accessory
  • Logitech C930e USB compression camera
  • 15-foot Ethernet cable
  • 6-foot HDMI cable
  • Mounting plate

Polycom Trio 8500

The Trio 8500 coming with the most advanced sound quality available in the conferencing market. The HD Voice and Polycom® Acoustic Clarity™ technologies ensure the high level of quality today’s business looking for. Polycom Trio 8500can use as a conferencing phone and can be upgraded to a full-fledged video conferencing system. By Adding  Polycom Trio Visual+ and approved USB camera, Trio Become a cost-effective video conferencing system and content sharing solution for your business.

Trio Visual Plus and Trio Visual Pro

The Polycom Trio is adaptive to suit the needs of every business. With Polycom Trio, 8800 or 8500 you can right-size the technology and choose from a variety of
configurations to meet the needs of your unique space and work meeting requirements.
Polycom Trio Visual+ is designed for small- to medium-size rooms, with USB camera options, a single display and Ethernet-based connectivity for clean room cabling. It supports USB and IP based content sharing. With Visual Plus you have a wide range of camera options to choose from. Which is Polycom EagleEye Mini
, Polycom EagleEye IV USB (12x zoom) and Logitech C930e. It can use with Both Trio 8800 and Trio 8500 Conference phone. Visual Plus support only one Display.
Polycom Trio VisualPro is designed to pair with Polycom Trio for flexibility in the medium to large spaces, with powerful camera options including automatic tracking, dual monitor support, content sharing flexibility and optional ceiling microphones. It supports 2 Display with Up to 1080p, 30 fps. The Camera support for Trio Visual Plus Pro includes Polycom EagleEye IV (4x or 12x zoom), Polycom EagleEye Producer, Polycom EagleEye Director II, and Polycom EagleEye Acoustic. It also has the added advantage of Content sharing via HDMI.