Gigaset A540 IP Dect Phone

Gigaset A540 IP

Gigaset A540 IP is revolutionary Dect Phone solution designed for both home users and business users. It is a combination of base station and Dect phone [ A540H]. The A540 IP Dect Phone support both analog line, as well as SIP Protocol, supported IP Telephony. The Dect phone offer 1.8“ black and white display and backlight.The A540IP Support 2 concurrent calls either from an analog line or IP PBX. The HD Codec ensure high-quality audio communication. You can expand your DECT network up to 6 handsets.


Gigaset A540 IP Dect Phone

The Gigaset IP Dect Phone A540 IP is an outstanding DECT phone which gives the flexibility and convenience every mobility customer looking for. The Gigaset A540 offers three concurrent calls and handsfree convenience. HDSP™ technology provides a high level of audio communication quality. The Gigaset A540 consume less energy and at the same time generate less radiation.  The radiation-free3 ECO Mode Plus feature reduces the transmission power while its on standby mode. The A540 IP provide coverage of 50 meters at indoors and 300 meters outdoors. You can further enhance the range with repeaters. The capability of adding an additional five handsets [ Total 6 Handsets per Base Station]  ensure future expansion as well as protect your investment.

The Gigaset A540IP allows you to configure 6 VoIP accounts per base station. The analog connectivity will enable you to connect a fixed line. VoIP support enables you to make two parallel calls. These business and home DECT phones offer along talk time of 18 hours and 200 hours stand by time. Its an HD Voice (wideband voice) supported DECT phone with full duplex quality handsfree. The inbuilt phonebook support 150 entries including VIP feature. The display is highly user-friendly and 1.8 inch in size.

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The Gigaset a540 enable online services to the users such as email notification, weather, and RSS feeds. It also supports online phone book. The free ContactsPush application for mobile phone enables you to transfer your mobile contacts to Gigaset DECT phone. The Gigaset A540 IP is the right choice for your business and home wireless phone connectivity the Gigaset A540 is the solution for you.

TheA540 IP allows you to make internal calls between handsets while you are in a multi-handset decent network. It also allows you to transfer external calls between handsets. The handset can show you call history of 60 numbers.

Gigaset A540 IP Specification

  • 6 VoIP Accounts
  • SIP Protocol Support
  • One Fixed Analog Line
  • Expandable to 6 handsets per base station
  • Repeater Support
  • Free ContactsPush App for Samer Phone contact syncing
  • 150 Contact Storage
  • HDSP™ technology & HD Wideband Codec
  • Online directory and Yellow Page search
  • 1.8“ black and white display with 4 different colour backlights
  • 2 Concurrent Calls
  • Interface – One Lan Port and One Analog Line Port
  • 200 Hours Standby and 18 hours Talk time