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Logitech Meetup

Logitech Meetup is a Video conferencing camera with 3 inbuilt high-quality mic and inbuilt speakers.  It features 4k ultra HD Video Meeting experience and gives the option to expand the mic capturing with additional mics. The meetup camera offers a 120-degree viewing angle and optimized audio with acoustics management. You can simply plug in the USB Port of meetup with a laptop and start using any cloud Video conferencing solution. With expansion mic, the audio pick up range can increase to 4.2 meters.



Logitech Meetup Video Conferencing Camera

Meeting spaces in the contemporary office range from large boardrooms, and specialist video conferencing facilities, through common meeting rooms to those so-called huddle rooms. The last are types of informal spaces wherein impromptu meetings can take place.

As huddle spaces and small conference grow in fame, so too makes the demand for plug-and-play, simple and portable devices that are simple to use in a wide array of web-based platforms. You see, video conferencing is no longer constrained inside the boardroom. It is now everywhere, and your hardware is needed to be as alert as your team.

Logitech MeetUp’s integrated audio  optimized for huddle room acoustics and delivers an exceptional sound experience. Three horizontally-aimed beamforming mics and a custom-tuned speaker help ensure your meetings sound as great as they look. Humans have evolved to associate human voices with their visible images. MeetUp’s front-of-room

What is the Logitech Meetup?

The Logitech Meetup is a smooth soundbar camera that is designed especially for the huddle room and loaded with groundbreaking technology for enhanced video in small settings. The device is considered the alternative to Connect for huddle rooms and meeting rooms, providing a much conventional form factor, a higher specification and a higher price.

We have all undergone meetings where time has been misused hooking laptops up to a recalcitrant video-conferencing tool that often fails with that on-board collaboration software. Look at how Logitech Meetup shapes that up

There is no doubt that the 4K video conferencing is on its way and the company strives to be one of the very first in the queue of one’s business. It presented its 4K Brio webcam, and now its Logitech Meetup brings the Ultra High Definition to huddle rooms and small conference settings.

At 400 millimeters wide, the enormous sound bar can be positioned on a wall along with the supplied bracket, under a monitor or TV on top of it via the optional mounting bracket. Bordered on every side of the speaker grilles, the Logitech Meetup camera takes center stage along with its 4k Ultra High Definition sensors and a massive 120 degrees field of view.

logitech meetup video conferencing system kuwaitThe lens lies in a motorized carrier for remote tilt and pans operations, and it features a 5X digital zoom. In case you didn’t know yet, the kit offers a robust metal RF remote control handset along with controls for, mute, volume levels, zoom, tilt, and pan, ending or making voice calls and even activating Bluetooth.

At the rear of the device is a port for the external power supply. You will also find a Type C USB 3 port for connection to a Mac or PC running your VC app. The kit is also composed of five meters USB 2 Cable that supports High Definition 1080p video streaming exclusively. The manual of Logitech Meetup tells clearly that you will require sourcing you USB 3 cable if you prefer using 4K streaming.

For instance, you can install the Logitech Meetup on a Windows 10 host that will fill the needed drivers when you connect it. The handy camera settings utility of the device will allow you to see the camera feed to help to position, select widescreen or standard modes, and chant color balance, brightness, and contrast.

The Logitech Meetup can also be controlled remotely along with the ConferenceCam Soft Remote app of Logitech’sboth for iOS and Android. If there is an available iPad, you can scan the network, and you will find the Windows host PC along with the camera connected, linked to it and opened up a soft replica of the RC handset.

If you have a MacBook Pro, the Logitech video conferencing system, Meetup also works smoothly with it. Logitech also offers a Mac OS X Version of the Camera Settings utility, providing similar features as the Windows one.

Skype meetings are simple to set up, and WebEx had no concerns either. However, as with every current VC Services, they support 1080p video streaming only. Even so, video quality was clear and sharp with excellent color balance and control. What’s more, the zoom function can be controlled remotely as well.

The Logitech Meetup speaker did well and can cover any room. Direct comparisons along with portable ConferenceCam Connection of Logitech showed that the Logitech Meetup could offer higher volume levels.

The 3 omnidirectional mics are working very well. For much bigger rooms, Logitech provides an optional mic/speaker extension unit that has a six meters cable that plugs into a dedicated port on the device.

Logitech Meetup: Ideal for Tight Meetings

If your workMeetup requires meeting along with remote colleagues in a cramped area regularly, Meetup is the ideal conferencing device. You see, it will fit your small weekly meetings to a tee, with remarkable audio and mic, as well as a super-wide viewing angle.

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Logitech Meetup Specifications:

  • 400 x 85 x 104 millimeters
  • 5 meters USB 2 Cable
  • External PSU
  • RF remote control handset
  • USB 3 (Type C)
  • Bluetooth
  • Speaker
  • Triple omnidirectional mics
  • 5x digital zoom
  • Motorized tilt/pan
  • Supports 4K High Definition (3840 x 2160 / 30 fps)
  • 120 degrees FoV
  • Logitech lens