Telephone Companies In Kuwait

VDS offers technical services which include phone system installation of all major brands like NEC,Panasonic, Avaya, Dlink, Yeastar, Grandstream, Samsung, LG and Digium. PBX or Private Branch Exchange, is is the most common type of phone system in today’s buiness. The switching equipment is onsite and routes calls to outside lines and between employees.

A major advantage of a PBX is control over the numbers that can and cannot be dialed from within the system. A properly configured PBX can restrict access to certain costly numbers. Major savings also results from the ability of the PBX to share a group of lines among many extensions. For example, an office with 100 extensions can often be served by 10 to 15 lines. This results in huge savings from having to provide a line to every phone in the company.

Telephone Companies In Kuwait


Being the authorized dealer of leading brands dealing in PABX systems, we serve our customers with the leading edge technology along with unmatched reliability. As one of the top telephone companies in Kuwait   We understand your needs and  helps to increase the productivity of your business.

Despite what you are looking for, we assure you provide you with the best systems that prove to be the ideal fit for your company infrastructure.  Our team consist of capable experts who have years of experience in this industry and can solve every telecommunicate problem of your business in just a blink of the eye.

Now you can get an affordable PBX system from the extensive portfolio of our product range. While you do this, you will decrease the operational costs with the passage of time.

Benefits of Using PBX System

  • Simple Operations

Contacting someone over a PBX system is a lot easier as compared to traditional phones. The reason is most numbers in a PBX network are only 3 to 4 digit long.

  • Seamless Connectivity

The PBX allows companies with some locations to connect their phone systems without any complication such as the requirement of extra phone lines.

  • Flexibility of Use

The PBX system uses open standards and interface. These systems prove to be an easy solution as compared to the traditional proprietary systems.

  • Energy Saving Option

The PBX systems are designed to cut extra costs of electricity. This benefit makes a cost effective solution as compared to traditional telephones.

  • Cost Effectivity

Small and Medium size business prefer PBX systems as they prove to be cheaper for connecting with an external phone line.

  • Scalable Options

The PBX grants the ability to expand telecommunication of your business as your business grows with the passage of time.

  • User Friendly

The PBX system comes features of traditional branch exchange along with leading edge seamless communication that provides an intuitive user interface.


Telephone System KuwaitThe PBX used analog technology previously. Thanks to the advancement in technology now, the PBX went on to become the most significant tendencies in business communication. The IP PBX System converts analog information into digital data via a broadband Internet connection to deliver calls.

The main functions of a Telephone System are to route incoming calls to the appropriate extension in an office. Many functions like automated greetings, recorded messages, dialing menus, connections to voicemail, PBX CRM integration and call recording can be added to a telephone system. The range of features offered by a PBX system varies depends on brands. As one of the #1 PBX supplier in Kuwait, we can offer you high-quality PABX installation in Kuwait City and a competitive price level. Call us today for more details and we will make sure your business will be on the next level after our telephone system installation service.


As you use our PBX SYSTEM solutions, you not only get to enjoy the most advanced features introduced in business connectivity. You also experience the most cost effective solutions as well. With a proper PBX system model in your business.


  •  Automated Attendant answers and routes every call
  • Voice mail box allow your customer to leave a message on your absence
  • Voice mail to email allow you to receive important messages from the client while on the move.
  • Day & Night mode allow you to choose different incoming calls based on time
  • Call Detail Records allow you to keep an eye on business calls
  • Call Recording
  • Mobile App and receiving and making the calls.
  • Call Queue. Best suited for offices with too many incoming calls. You can keep the customer on Queue and distribute to the free agents .
  • Call Center solutions
  • Centralized contact management. Ability to import all your contacts to telephone system. All the users in your organisation having access to the contacts.
  • Call from Outlook contacts. Easy way to initiate calls from outlook contacts . It will eliminate dialing the number manually.
  • Incoming call pop up on computer. [CTI Integration]
  • Telephone CRM Integration. [ Sales force, Microsoft Dynamics, Vtiger , Odoo-Open ERP ]
  • Call Recording
  • Remote Connectivity . You can connect multiple branches of your organisation together.