Clearone Live 300


Clearone COLLABORATE LIVE 300  featuring the same simple and friendly user interface found in larger room systems. Clearone Live 300 includes a wireless presentation and interactive whiteboard capabilities and Skype for Business integration.



Clearone COLLABORATE LIVE 300 in Detail

clearone live 300 kuwaitTechnology has grown leaps and bounds over the years. The internet has quite literally taken over the world. Everything is done with the help of a click nowadays. From ordering takeout to learning about a whole new topic – everything can now be done within the comforts of your bedroom.

Technology has also impacted the way business is handled. Successful business owners have been constantly upgrading their approach to keep up with the constantly changing needs of the business. They have to implement any new technology that comes their way to ensure they maximize profits according to the potential of their business.

Meetings and conferences which are considered as important processes in a business previously required all the members to be present in a room together at the same time. However, with high-speed internet and the improvement in connectivity as a result of that, those days seem to be well behind us.

Now, all you need are the participants of the meeting, a stable internet connection, and a few other tools that would help you set up the conference perfectly, giving you full control over the sequence of actions. This process helps save time, money, and obviously, unnecessary human effort. As they say, in business, efficiency is priority number one and waste is a thief.

The Clearone Collaborate live 300 is one such tool that helps you to set up your conference/ meeting perfectly and allows you to conduct your business without any hindrance. They are built for workspaces of any size and allow participants to join from anywhere, and at any time. It is one of the most versatile, a feature enabled video collaboration systems that are out there.

The Clearone Video Conferencing also allows you to add Skype for business clients and the entire experience can be enriched further. It works perfectly even in the most constrained of spaces and helps you arrange your meetings with authenticity. It also helps you to maintain the proper decorum that is expected in any official proceeding.

The main asset of the device is its ‘UNITE 150 PTZ’ camera which helps you capture videos in full HD 1080p resolution shot in 30 fps. The high resolution allows you to capture all minute details and makes it seems like all the members are present in one room only. The physical distance is removed by the advancement in technology and the whole world is truly reduced to a global village.

In addition to the high resolution the Live 300 also have a 12X optical zoom that helps you to focus on the tiniest of details that may help you in your official proceedings. The camera also has a wide angle of capture that will allow you to cover the places all around your office space. It also has backlight compensation that automatically deals with poor light or backlight by making the exposure controls of the camera automatic. What that means is that the camera controls its exposure according to the lighting conditions in the room. When there is plenty of light present in the room, the aperture of the camera is shortened to prevent excess light from entering the camera. Similarly, when the lighting in the room is not sufficient, the aperture is made larger to allow more light to enter into the camera.

clearone live 300 featuresThe functioning of this system is actually pretty similar to how the human eye functions. It also supports various formats such as ‘H.261’, ‘H.263’, ‘H.263+/++’, ‘H.264’ etc. The device supports full auto-focus and has been built in a way that it reduces any distortion that may occur due to mishandling the device or sudden jerks.

 The user interface of the product is very simple too. Nowadays, everybody is using a smartphone or a tablet. Keeping that fact in mind, Clearone has made the interface quite similar to the interface of these tablets and mobile phones, so that we may find them similar. You do not have to worry about hiring other people to help you in setting up the device during a meeting, an important presentation or a conference call.

The device has good connectivity with USB 3.0 for video input, an HDMI port and a display port for video output. It has 4 USB 3.0 ports which are lightning fast and allow you to transfer files from one device to another to use them according to your convenience.

Coming to the audio features of the device, it has the ‘Chat 150’ speakerphone with the Clearone HD conference audio processing, which deliver crystal clear audio output. This will helps you stay calm and cool during any presentation or conference call, and you do not have to worry about missing out on anything important because of improper sound.

There are 3 built-in microphones that help the Live 300 to pick up sound from all around your office space so that you can have full 360-degree functionality.

It has a large speaker with an output capacity of 85 decibels, which makes everything audible to each and every member of the conference. It also has a wide band of frequency response that has a range from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The speakers support distributed echo cancellation that allows the device to cancel out the unnecessary and irritating echoes that disrupt and hamper a conversation. So, now you can hold your conference calls without having to worry about disruptive noises and expect perfect clarity all around.

The device comes with accessories such as power cables and connectivity cables that help you operate the device with ease. There is also a special offer of a complimentary trial period of 90 days for the ‘Collaborate Space’ application – the powerful cloud-based audio and video conferencing tool. Once you use it for 90 days for free, you can decide whether to invest in it for your future endeavors or not.

The collaborative 300 is an excellent tool to help you operate your business with convenience and efficiency. As mentioned before, technology has taken over the world and it has made our lives a whole lot easier. It would be extremely unwise of us to not reap its full benefits and further use it to live our lives to the fullest. Hurry up and grab your Collaborative 300 now and transform your business into the business of your dreams.

Clearone Live300 Specification

  • HD Conference audio processing
  •  Distributed Echo Cancellation®
  •  Adaptive modeling with acoustic intelligence Three microphones with 360° pickup
  •  First-mic priority intelligence
  •  A user interface as intuitive and simple as familiar mobile and tablet devices
  •  SIP/H.323 video conferencing
  •  Skype® for Business client
  •  Wireless presentation and interactive whiteboard
  • UNITE 150 PTZ camera
  •  Full HD 1080p30
  •  12x optical zoom
  •  73° wide-angle
  •  Backlight compensation
  • CHAT 150C Speakerphone