Clearone Live 600

Clearone Live600

Claearone Live 600 Video Conferencing includes a professional-grade PTZ camera and two speakerphones for excellent audio quality. It delivers crystal-clear, full-duplex audio for medium-sized conference room environments. The Live 600 Include COLLABORATE Live 600 appliance with 4-way SIP/H.323 video conferencing, Wireless Presentation, Dual Display support, Recording, and streaming, and 12x optical zoom.



ClearOne COLLABORATE Live 600 Video Conferencing

clearone collaborate live600 kuwaitDo you want to improve your business operations? Then, you must have unique and more advanced technologies. Well, we can be your best partner for this. ClearOne COLLABORATIVE Live 600 can be your best tool to take your business into the next level.

This product is perfect for medium-sized meeting rooms. It is a more efficient Video Conferencing system that can deliver full-duplex and crystal-clear audio for medium-sized conference room environments.

Why choose ClearOne COLLABORATE Live 600?

ClearOne COLLABORATE Live 600 comes with advanced video conferencing capabilities. It features a professional-grade PTZ camera with 2 speakerphones for superior audio quality. Clearone Video Conferencing System comes with amazing features that can meet or even surpass your specific needs. Some of its awesome features include:

  • SIP/ H.323 video conferencing
  • A simple and intuitive user interface which is familiar to tablet and mobile devices
  • Skype for a business client
  • The product comes with an interactive whiteboard, wireless presentation, streaming and recording

The ClearOne COLLABORATIVE Live 600 has a codec appliance, power supplies, accessories, and cables. Its COLLABORATE Space application ranges in 90 days. Availing Clearone product can give you 1-year warranty support.

The COLLABORATE Live 600 has video inputs of 2x HDMI (SIP/H.323, and Skype for business) and 2x USB. It has video outputs of 1x HDMI, 1x Display port. Its audio inputs include USB, Line-in, and balanced audio. On the other hand, it has audio outputs of Line out, balanced audio, and HDMI. The product dimensions are 17 x 8 x 2 ½ (L x W x H.)

Audio Standards

  • 20 KHz: AAC-LD
  • 7 KHz: G.722, G.722 1
  • 14 KHz: G.722.1 Annex C
  • 4 KHz: G.711. G.723.1, G. 728, G.729. AR (3G)

Date Characteristics

The product comes with H.239 support for data sharing, 1080p resolution as well as data inputs through wireless, HDMI and USB.


Our ClearOne COLLABORATE Live 600 has MP4, WMV formats. It also comes with external, local and network (NAS) storage options.


It has a format of RTSP –multicast and unicast streaming. The max number of viewers in the unicast is 20, and the maximum number of viewers in the multicast depends on the network.


The product comes with a remote control, Telnet API for the use of 3rd party control, web-based management, and control, and Crestron and AMX modules.

Video Characteristics

It has a resolution of up to 1080p @ 60 fps, H.261, H263, H.263+/++, H.264/AVC High Profile up to 6Mbps and H.264/SVC (Skype for business.)

CHATAttach 150

The ClearOne COLLABORATIVE Live 600 features two CHAT 150 speakerphones daisy-chained together to offer perfect and clear sound quality as well as excellent room coverage. We know that you always expect the best for your business, so our product is specially designed with HD Conference audio processing. Even more important, it also has a distributed echo cancellation for smooth and clear sound quality.

Unite 200 PTZ Camera

Another unique feature of ClearOne COLLABORATIVE Live 600 is its Unite 200 PTZ camera. This camera comes with full HD 1080p60. You can also adjust it for more customized use. It has 12x optical zoom, backlight compensation as well as 73 ˚angle with auto-focus.


The product is made with 90-day trial complimentary of COLLABORATE Space. This is our powerful and innovative cloud-based audio and video conferencing application.

Our ClearOne COLLABORATE Live 600 can be used in a different application including the following:

  • Streaming and recording
  • Video conferencing
  • Whiteboard
  • Cloud video collaboration
  • Wireless presentation
  • Audio conferencing

clearone live600 featuresAbout Clearone

ClearOne is a company that has a professional team of individuals that specialize in developing and designing conferencing, networked streaming solutions as well as collaboration. We have a team of good listeners because we want to give you more customized products and services that can meet your needs. Our streaming, collaboration, and conferencing solutions are delivered in the best possible way because we want you to attain your business goals with us.

We always implement the best approach to improve the level of our services’ scalability, reliability, and functionality. As a worldwide company, we are committed to improve collaboration and communication for companies all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you have small or big business and institutions. The important thing for us is to help you achieve your business goals with our products and services.

We use a global network of professional IT and AV practitioners who can install, specify and support our more innovative software, hardware, apps, and cloud solutions. We know that your business is an essential and massive investment for you. With this, we have come up to the decision of offering our advanced products and technology including our ClearOne COLLABORATE Live 600 to improve your business operations.

What makes us extraordinary?

ClearOne is not just focusing on the quality of our products and services. Thus, we are also aiming to give you the most satisfying customer support that you never get from other companies. We are a licensed company, so you have peace of mind about scams, frauds, forgeries and other fake transactions. With us, you and your business projects are in good hands.

Armed with our teamwork and dedication to giving the best service for our customers, we are confident to help you with your business needs. Your success is also our success. With this, we will not stop in developing essential strategies to improve our services. Our enthusiastic team will accommodate your needs from start to finish.

If you want to improve your conference business rooms, you can make a wise choice by choosing our ClearOne COLLABORATE 600. You don’t have to worry because our excellent products and services are available in a practical and affordable cost.

Live600 Specification

  • UNITE 200 PTZ camera
  •  Full HD 1080p60
  •  12x optical zoom
  •  73° wide-angle with auto-focus  Backlight compensation
  •  A user interface as intuitive and simple as familiar mobile and tablet devices
  •  SIP/H.323 video conferencing  Skype® for Business client
  •  Wireless presentation, interactive whiteboard, recording, and streaming
  • CHATAttach® 150 – Two CHAT® 150 speakerphones daisy-chained together for crystal-clear audio quality and excellent room coverage
  •  HDConference audio processing
  •  Distributed Echo Cancellation®
  •  Adaptive modeling with acoustic intelligence  A total of 6 microphones with 360° pickup
  •  First-mic priority intelligence
  • COLLABORATE Space – Complimentary 90-day trial of COLLABORATE Space, our powerful cloud-based audio and video conferencing application

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Do you want to improve the operations of your business? Then, you can make as an effective tool our ClearOne COLLABORATE Live 600. Choose us now!