Dlink DVX2005F IP PBX

Dlink DVX2005F

Another reliable product from the top communication system supplier, the Dlink DVX-2005F packs all beauty features you need to uplift your business. The DVX-2005F designed for business up to 50 extensions and inbuilt 4 FXO Modules. It can expand to 8 FXO with a four-port expansion card. This IP PBX System packed with advanced features such as Call Recording, IVR, Music on hold, CDR a Voice Mail.ThedVX-2005F possess the capacity for 30 Concurrent Calls.



Dlink DVX2005F IP PBX System for Your Small Business

The DVX 2005F is a perfect design SMB office telephone system with 50 extensions and 30 concurrent calls. It supports SIP Trunk as well as 4 FXO inbuilt ports and expandable to 8 FXO. Dlink comes with cutting-edge solutions to provide your business with its communication needs. This company not only produces robust and reliable systems, but it also minds your budget. All of its products come with rich functionality which his combined with unforgiving reliability. It not only helps to maintain your business, but it supports you to expand your business without a single hitch!

Improving your Customer Base

DLink DVX2005F PBX systems prove to be the best telephony solution for your growing business. These systems help you to maintain a strong relation with your prospects as they provide you with an affordable and reliable option.

As the Dlink uses SIP solution, these solutions address every VoIP needs of your business as they come with a built-in call server. These call servers are designed to integrate IVR, Auto Attendant with Voice Call features. Extending its 2000 series, Dlink combines state of the art tech in its hardware along with embedded software. Both of them work combined for the flowing:

  • Easy Installation of Enterprise Communication Network
  • Expansion of Existing Communication Networks
  • Affordable Option for Branch Office Communication

The Dlink PBX solutions offer high-quality VoIP providers for your business needs. These products are designed to meet the standards of your working environment without making you break your budget. Get ready to bring advanced telecommunication with natural options in your business. Dlink offers you quality products that are affordable and easy to maintain.DVX 2005F supports 100 extensions and all the core functions of the SME business phone system. It also supports 8 FXO module to provide your business with its communication needs. The Dlink DVX2005F proves to be the best solution for the communication needs of your business as it comes with cutting-edge technology. It also contains support for inbuilt 4 FXO and 1 FXS ports.  The Addon optional card DVX-2020 with 4 FXO further expand the FXO Capacity to 8.  These are specially designed to help for a uniform platform that supports traditional PSTN with VoIP communication.

Dlink Telecom products serve as the essential element of your contact center. It helps you for providing excellent customer service.  You can use them to distribute the incoming calls as they came and sent them to a dedicated extension. If you can’t answer the call yourself, the auto attendant feature takes care of it without putting your business at risk.

It targets both users of SOHO and SM market thanks to its easy to use graphical interface. Moreover, Dlink DVX-2005F Kuwait provides a cost-saving solution for a single virtual office over the internet. To help you understand this PBX is ideal for your business, following we are giving its core features!

Dlink DVX-2005F Specification

  • Protocols: SIP (RFC3261)/IAX2
  • 4 FXO Port
  • Expandable to 8 FXO
  • 100 Users / Concurrent Calls
  • Call Recording [ Recording: 36,000 mins (.gsm); 4,000 mins (.wav) ]
  • Audio and Video Support
  • CDR (Call Detailed Record)
  • Conference Room (20 Rooms) 
  • Call Monitoring
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Responses)
  • Web Based easy management
  • SIP Trunk
  • T.38 Fax (Pass-through)
  • Fax to Email
  • Voicemail & Voicemail to Email
  • WebRTC/ Web Dial
  • Audio Codecs: G.722/G.711-Ulaw/G.711- Alaw/ G.726/G.729/GSM/SPEEX
  • Video Codecs: H.261/H.263/H.263+/H.264
  • VPN Client (L2TP/PPTP/OpenVPN/N2N/IPSec)