Dlink DVX9000E IP PBX

Dlink DVX9000E IP PBX System

The Dlink DVX9000E IP PBX is an enterprise Grade IP Telephone System with a blazing 1500 User capacity and 880 concurrent calls. With Dlink easyvoiz operating system the DVX9000E IP PBX EasyVoIZ operating system. High level of redundancy ensured with hot-swappable HDDs and power supplies, which makes it highly suited for all mission-critical applications including big call centers. The DVX9000E can support 24 analogs FXO Ports, and it can further expand with additional ports with external DVX-8050 units. The DVX900E is also capable of 4  internal E1/T1 Lines and SIP Trunks. This IP PBX System supports a maximum of 24 PRI Line with Expansion Modules.


Dlink DVX9000E Enterprise-Grade IP Telephony System

Most of the IP telephony Trend is motivated by cost savings,ease of developing and integrating new services. VoIP telephony integrates a variety services required by modern-day office business communications. D-Link has responded this trend with the new   DVX9000E IP Telephone system . The D-Link DVX-9000 is a heavy-duty, stand-alone, pre-configured, out-of-the-box EasyVoiz software supported PBX System.

The DLINK DVX9000E is an answer to telephony market for a reliable high capacity telephone system.  The Dlink DVX-9000E IP Telephone system is the right choice for large businesses, inbound call centers, as well as a central IP PBX for head office and an array of branch office connections. The DVX-9000 Carry several advanced telephony features such as Hotel PMS integration, High-availability, Disaster Recovery, Video calls and Call encryption. The DVX9000E carry rich call center functions without any per user license fees. With Several advanced IP PBX features Dlink DVX9000E is best Telephone System available in Kuwait.

The Dlink DVX9000E Built-in mechanism for security regulate access and ensure the high level of protection for your communication system. The open standard API  in DVX-9000E enables easy integration of third-party Products. The security provided with Intrusion protection software and rewall protection.

The DVX9000E is equipped with BRI ISDN ports, E1/PRI Lines, FXO Lines and FXS Telephone Lines. The DVX9000E Carry 4 expansion slots for Analog/PRI/BRI interface. The system can support a maximum of 1500 Users and 880 Concurrent calls. The DVX9000 Series support X STACK TELEPHONY with DVX-8050 USB Channel Bank. DVX-8050 is a USB channel bank especially designed for D-link DVX9000 IP PBX systems.TheDVX-8050 USB channel bank extends the functionality of DVX9000E by providing connectivity via USB 2.0. The DVX8050supports 32 analog ports, 16 E1 / T1 ports, and 8 BRI ISDN ports. The System is capable of carrying 24 Analog ports [FXO OR FXS] and expand the capacity with external USB Gateway units via the USB2 ports. By using DVX-8050 telephony interfaces, the DVX9000E can support up to 960 analog extensions. A large number of analog capacity is perfect for implementations with high-density existing infrastructure that is costly to replace, such as in some hotels, hospitals, and other organizations. The DVX-9000E also supports up to 24 PRI lines.

The DVX9000E also oofer a user-friendly web Interface, an interface in different languages, CDR (Call Details Record), call recording, TDM/SIP/IAX trunks, remote extensions, fax support, voicemail to email, IVR menu system, ring groups, call ԛueues, video calls, conference rooms, time-based routing, advanced dialing rules, music on hold, paging and intercom, web access to voicemail, admin status screen, package manager (for easy updates), room monitor, network settings tool, full and automatic IP PBX redundancy.

The DVX9000E offer Hotel PMS integration, wake up calls, room status reports, voicemail cleanup, and many other hotel-specific features.D link DVX9000E IP PBX System can interface to various PMS systems to take care of smooth check-in/check-out process, report room status and minibar and manage wakeup calls. Dlink DVX9000E ALLOWS YOU TO administer large numbers of analog extensions side-by-side with VoIP extensions and trunks while keeping system management transparent.

As a leading Dlink VoIP Partner and Dlink Telephony Distributor in Kuwait, we offer complete service in DVX9000E PBX Installation, Management, and after-sales support services. We can give you access to best prices on Dlink PBX System as well as Services. Our Service Area includes all part of Kuwait City as well as the Middle East and Africa Region. Contact us today for More Details.

dlink dvx9000e call center ip pbx kuwaitHigh Availability and redundancy

The DVX9000E offer hot-swappable disk drives, and two built-in redundant power supplies.

The DlINK DVX9000E Switch Board

The Dlink DVX9000E IP PBX offered with a with a web browser-based switchboard. The SwitchBoard provides a graphic, real-time representation of extension status, call activity, and call functions throughout the organization. The layout is configurable (button sizes and colors, icons, extension grouping, etc.). You can expand the capability of switchboard with Switchboard Upgrade License for EasyVOIZ.The Licence Upgradation expand the functionality EasyVoiz Switch Board by supporting an unlimited number of active buttons compared to 15 button support in Free Version. It also provides instant messaging and voicemail explorer. You can configure Dedicated views for each user, or groups of users, by defining which buttons can visible to each of the categories.

Easy Voiz Switch Board Features

  • See who is available and who is not
  • Receive call notifications
  • Call, Transfer, Conference
  • Transfer calls directly to another extension, voicemail or external numbers
  • Pickup ringing phonesManage and view parked calls
  • IM chat
  • Real-time search and filter of extensions (great for big companies with hundreds of extensions)
  • See agents logged into a queue
  • See agent status (paused, logged off, in a meeting, etc.)
  • See every call waiting on the queue with its timer
  • Manage agents: add, remove or pause queue members
  • Initiate call recording to disk
  • Filter extension list to only queue members with one click
  • Barge in on, spy on or whisper to agents

DVX9000E IP PBX Features

  • 1500 IP Users/ Phones
  • 880 Concurrent Calls
  • 4 Internal PRI Line Capacity. Expand to 24 PRI Line with X Stack Modules
  • 24 Internal Analog Line Capacity/  Expand to 960 Analog Ports with Expansion Interface.
  • Two hot-swappable Internal HDDs
  • Hot-swappable HDDs Power Supply
  • High-availability
  • Hotel PMS integration
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Call Recording
  • User-friendly Web interface
  • Personal recording/notes
  • Video calls
  • IP phone provisioning
  • Call encryption (SIP TLS, sRTP)
  • Intrusion detection and blocking
  • Secure password auto-generation
  • Weak password report
  • Time-based restrictions
  • GUI warnings for potentially unsafe setup


Call Center Features of DVX9000E

  • Agent log in / log out
  • CDR (Call Details Record)
  • Call monitoring / Call Reporting
  • Call recording
  • Call Queues
  • Visual queues
  • Visual switchboard
  • Click-to-call
  • Whisper to agent
  • Presence (agent status)
  • Time-based routing
  • Caller Name Lookup

Unied Communication Features

  • Personal IVR
  • Visual voicemail
  • Voicemail to e-mail
  • Web Call recordings access
  • Corporate phone book
  • User portal: access to voicemail, fax, and recording
  • Audio conferencing / Video Conferencing
  • Fax-to-email
  • Fax from web
  • One number reach
  • Instant messaging / chat
  • Mobile phone integration
  • Personal call log
  • Multiple devices per user
  • User Switchboard- Web Based
  • Personal extension settings