Poly SAVI7310 Kuwait

Poly SAVI7310 Kuwait

Poly SAVI7310 Kuwait is ideal for use in financial, medical, and government environments, where Bluetooth® technology is typically banned


Poly SAVI7310 Headset Kuwait

Combining security, comfort, and durability, the Poly SAVI7310 Kuwait is a dynamic headset that has been designed for use with landline phones and PCs. It is therefore highly useful for office professionals such as secretaries and IT experts. It is designed to be interference-free so you can clearly hear your interlocutors without any interruption. The Mono version comes equipped with a padded headband and large ear cushion that guarantees you maximum comfort even on a busy day at work. The wireless headset is integrated with Sound Guard Digital technology that provides advanced audio protection in accordance with European directives, Acoustic Fence and Noise Block technology to ensure clear sound without background noise.

Poly SAVI7310 Kuwait is fitted with a suite of advanced features including military-grade encryption as well as DECT security protection that highly secures your conversations. It is therefore applicable in different scenarios including medical institutions, government or official administrations, or financial institutions. What’s more, it is integrated with a modern DECT technology that uses less connection space so you can use more devices without losing connection.

Plantronics SAVI7310 Kuwait offers an incredible 180m range from your landline or PC. It delivers you with maximum mobility and freedom in the office, thanks to hands-free mode so you can easily multi-task. Once fully charged, the headset offers up to 13 hours of talk time and 52 hours of standby time. Whenever you are busy on a phone call, built-in light LED indicator located on the side of the headset notifies those that are around that you are on a phone call so they can keep total silence and avoid causing distractions.

Control your conversations with built-in features and smart sensors. Music automatically turns off when you receive a call and you can easily adjust the volume by simply pressing the earpiece. With its reinforced headband and padded ear cushions, it feels comfortable to wear even during prolonged use thanks to its low weight. Ergonomics also allow for a left or right-hand microphone boom.

With the Poly SAVI7310 Kuwait headset range, you can use the Plantronics hub management software to manage the configuration of your headset, whether for pairing, default settings or integration into your existing system, allowing you to easily centralize and make all the updates you want.

Poly SAVI7310 Features :

  • Poly SAVI7310 Kuwait connects to both desk phones and softphones (PC/MAC) simultaneously
  • Designed to meet the DECT™ Security Step C—the highest security level from DECT™ Forum
  • Poly SAVI7310 Kuwait is ideal for use in financial, medical, and government environments, where Bluetooth® technology is typically banned
  • Poly SAVI7310 Kuwait boasts of up to 2x more density compared to other DECT™ headsets
  • First Poly Microsoft Teams certified DECT headset with dedicated Microsoft Teams button
  • Meets Microsoft Teams Open Office specification
  • Noise-canceling microphone with Poly Acoustic Fence technology
  • Remote device management for greater security
  • Up to 580 ft/180 m line-of-sight range
  • Poly SAVI7310 Kuwait features the latest DECT™ compression and modulation techniques
  • Adaptive power for greater density and more users
  • Poly Hub software provides greater softphone support
  • Optimized for wide range of Poly and other desk phones
  • Simple call/answer and call/merge via base buttons
  • Poly SAVI7310 Kuwait offers up to 13 hours of talk time on a single charge


Warranty 2 years
Acoustic protection SoundGuard Digital
Range 180m
Recharge time 2h
Standby time / Talk time 52h/13h
Weight 120g
Headset type Wireless DECT
Compatibility For Desk phones and PC
Corded or cordless Wireless
Connectivity For RJ+USB
Mono/duo Mono headsets
Wearing style Headband
Ear cushions With leatherette Ear cushions
Microphone Boom With long microphone boom
Noise Cancelling With noise cancelling
Suitable for intensive use For occasional use
Mute With mute key
Volume control On headset volume control
MAC compatible Compatible with MAC
Softphone compatible Compatible with softphones

In the box

  • 1 x Plantronics Savi 7310 Office
  • 1 x Base
  • 1 x Telephone Interface Cable
  • 1 x User manual