Polycom Group700 Kuwait

Polycom Real Presence Group700

Polycom Group700 Video Conferencing system certified for both Skype for business online and on-premise. The Polycom Group700 is designed for challenging video conferencing requirements and well suited for medium to large meeting rooms. This VC Device ensures 1080p60 video streams and content share. The Polycom pano enable 4 users for wireless content sharing. The Group 700 capable to handle multiple conferencing cameras which are best suited for summits, training room and a large classroom.


Polycom Real Presence Group700 in Detail

Polycom real presence Group 700 designed for large meeting rooms, training centers, and classrooms. Wherever the video conferencing requirement is complex and large the Group 700 coming in to picture. Complex Video conference requirement demands more flexibility in Audio, Video, and content. Tight Collaboration of other room components are also critical for this type of video conferencing requirements. The Group 700 answers all these customer requirements and offer a  fully integrated video conferencing experience.

The Polycom Group700 designed on a high-performance architecture to fulfill the most challenging needs of today’s conference rooms.Group700 Video conference can of 1080p Video and Content sharing simultaneously without any quality compromise. The Optional Polycom Pano enable up to 4 users to connect wirelessly for content sharing. The Optional touch display enables the most demanding whiteboarding feature. In Group 700 You can use multiple cameras to capture different areas of the meeting. For example, in a classroom, if you want to capture both lecturer and students.

The Polycom Real presence Group allows you to connect up to 4 Display devices for more visibility. The Optional  Polycom EagleEye Director II  enable the Group700 system to intelligently track the speaker. The Group700 Package includes RealPresence Group 700 codec,  Group Microphone Array, EagleEye IV camera and Remote control.

polycom group 700 kuwait

The Group700 HDMI or VGA Output for Display connection. It has two audio input support a total of 4 microphone arrays. The Active Lip Synchronization enables lifelike video conferencing experience. ThePolycom Siren Lost Packet Recovery technology and Polycom NoiseBlock technology ensure a high level of audio communication quality.