Avaya L139 Kuwait

Avaya L139 Kuwait

The Avaya L139 Kuwait Headset is built with a head-turning brushed aluminum headband, as well as a 360-degree boom microphone for enhanced sound, pick up so that your calls thrive on clear and dynamic sound.



Avaya L139 Headset Kuwait

Avaya L139 Kuwait Headset is also equipped with Avaya-patented AcousticEdge technology that protects your hearing by eliminating background noise and filtering intrusive feedback to deliver professional-quality sound for all phone conversations. This ensures that your employees focus on the calls devoid of distractions. Its futuristic magnetic Quick-Connect feature makes it easy for users to not only join calls seamlessly but also transition between communication gadgets, from the laptop to the desk phone, to a mobile device. You can also take advantage of enjoying firmware updates with one click from the Avaya web management platform. The Avaya L139 Headset Series supports enterprise-grade audio for a variety of use-cases especially mid-level, without compromising on sound quality and included Avaya’s signature brilliant features. From providing remarkable customer service in your contact center to reveling in modernistic audio devices for collaboration and conference purposes in all sectors of your business, the Avaya L139 Headset is your one-stop-shop.

Avaya L139 Headset Features.


Avaya’s patented AcousticEdgeTM technology brings on board the L139 headset optimum multimedia features for increased productivity and user safety. That way, you do not have to worry about the effects that may arise from spending extended hours engaging with clients and business partners.

 Noise Cancellation

The inbuilt best-in-class microphones help eliminate background noise to help users focus on the call and be more productive when having important phone conversations with customers and colleagues.

Safe and Harmless

Avaya’s patented AcousticEdge™ technology guarantees crystal clear sound while protecting the user’s hearing by reducing the effects that arise from long-term acoustic exposure. It is supported alongside Avaya devices and phones for a complete package of hearing protection for users. The peak audio energy is controlled to keep maximum daily exposure within the thresholds of the safety standard limits as stipulated under Global Workspace Safety Standards.

Magnetic Quick Connect

The Avaya L139 Kuwait allows the user to transition seamlessly from the desk phone to a laptop device, to the mobile device while using the same headset. Supervisors have an added option of connecting and joining calls courtesy of a supervisor-trainee cable.

LED Indicators:

The model comes with an LED busy light indicator embedded on the microphone boom, which blinks when calls are muted to prevent other users from speaking when the device is on mute mode. A second LED is placed on the ear cup, blinking when there is an active call to prevent users from interruptions during calls.

Easy Web Management

Revel in the abilities for firmware upgrade as well as integration with a variety of soft clients via the cloud.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The headset comes with in-built Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with smart mobile devices. When the headset is not paired with a device, the Bluetooth status remains off. To enjoy this feature, the user requires the Avaya L100 Touch Controller with Bluetooth functionality.

The Avaya L100 Touch Controller

 This feature allows you to control a variety of functions of the headset, among then the following touch functions:

  • Listening to music and other audio when the headset is connected to a personal computer/no ongoing call.
  • Controlling the volume levels by swiping up or down the Avaya branding on the Touch Controller
  • Answering and ending a call by touching the Softhook key.

Smart Release Connector

 The Avaya L139 Headset comes with a magnetic smart release end with which you can disconnect and re-connect to the desk phone or personal computer.

Why the Avaya L139 Headset?

  • Rotating 360-degree boom microphone arm that can be worn on both left or right side
  • Adjustable headband and microphone with an allowance to customize fit
  • Crystal clear high-resolution audio
  • Smart release connector
  • Bluetooth Connectivity (when connected to Avaya L100 Touch Controller)
  • Noise Cancellation algorithm for clarity in audio
  • User-Friendly Web Management Platform
  • Quick Connect (QC)
  • Avaya AcousticEdge™ Technology

Avaya L139 Headset Specifications.


  • Business Segment: Mid-Range
  • Headband Material: Brushed Aluminum
  • Earpad Material: Leather
  • Recommended Use: Portable electronics, phone
  • Audio: Wideband
  • Connection: Cable from headset ends with QuickConnect Female Avaya RJ9 QuickConnect Male Cable for desk phones
  • Also Connects to: 3.5mm cables for personal computers and smartphones, USB with Bluetooth for personal computer and select desk phone models, USB without Bluetooth for personal computers and select desk phone models
  • Works with: 96XX, 96X1, J100, Vantage, 16XX phones ONLY
  • Cable Length: 1.2m
  • Noise Cancellation Works together with 9600 Family, J100 Series, Vantage Series, 1600 Phones
  • Soft Client Support: Equinox, One-X Agent, Agent for Desktop
  • Product Color Category: Black/Silver
  • Product Type: Wired Headset

Audio Output

  • Headphones Form Factor: On-ear
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Sound Output Mode: Mono
  • Volume Limiting Function: Yes
  • Features: Avaya magnetic Quick Connect


  • Type: Boom
  • Active Noise Canceling: Yes
  • Connector Type: Headset (Quick Connect)
  • Cable Details: Headset cable
  • Call Control Unit: Yes, via QC
  • Busy Light: Yes
  • Mute Light: Yes
  • Proximity Sensor: No
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Hearing Protection: Yes
  • Acoustic Shock Protection: Yes
  • Targetted for: Unified Communications, Call Centers Agents


Avaya Quick Connect Cables/Connectors

  • Phone 3.5mm – Quick Connect
  • Phone RJ9 – Quick Connect
  • Phone RJ9 – Supervisor Cabler
  • Phone USB – Quick Connect

Avaya L139 Controller

  • L139 Controller
  • L139 Touch Controller
  • L139 Touch BT Controller