AVer Caster SE 5820 Kuwait

AVerCaster SE 5820 kuwait

AVerCaster SE5820, the latest member of F239 Series, is a dual-channel video encoder allowing two independent Full HD video streams to be broadcasted or recorded at the same time. AVermedia Caster SE5820 takes one or two HDMI or 3G-SDI video sources up to 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution and encodes two independent video streams of the same or various bitrates for broadcasting or recording. With powerful dual H.265 high-profile codecs,AVerMedia Caster SE5820 records live Full HD video at high quality for VoD playback and simultaneously broadcasts it via popular streaming service providers such as Facebook Live to an unlimited number of viewers.



AVer Caster SE 5820 Kuwait

The AVer Caster SE5820 is a dual-channel portable video encoder that supports broadcasting and recording two independent Full High Definitions video streams simultaneously, differences in bitrates notwithstanding. The video encoder takes inputs from HDMI or 3G-SDI video sources with up to 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution, then encodes the two for recording or streaming. The powerful dual H.265 high-profile codecs enable the Aver Caster SE5820 to deliver high-quality content for Video on Demand playback, at the same time broadcasting it on popular streaming platforms like Facebook Live to reach a wide audience. The aforementioned features, coupled with ease of set up and operation, the AVermedia Caster SE5820 offer users high performance in video broadcasting and storage cost-effectively.

AVer Caster SE 5820 Features :

  • No Limits with Codecs
    • The AVer Caster SE5820 gives users the independence to separately adjust video bitrates courtesy of inbuilt codecs. This makes it possible for the different outputs to be allocated an independent network bandwidth or Video on Demand content. The SE5820 also supports broadcasting of the same stream with different bitrates integrated easily with the user’s service provider of choice.
  • Easy to Mount and Move Around With
    • The AverCaster SE5820 has been designed with dimensions tailored to fit into any 1U rack-mounted space. For users who would want to move around with it, the dimensions are 210.5mm by 179.2mm by 39.8mm, weighing 962 grams, which makes it a portable device. The device is also easy to configure, even when using multiple encoders, as there are optional accessories that can be stacked into the rack for ease of integration and use with the SE5820 encoders.
  • Highly Compatible with Content Delivery Networks (CDN)
    • To enable it comfortably stream video to a global audience, the AVerCaster SE5820 plugs seamlessly into Content Delivery Networks like Facebook Live, YouTube, Wowza, Twitch, CDNvideo, and Ustream among others. In addition, it can be used with desktop computers and IP/TV set-top boxes. Furthermore, it integrates into your existing network with minimal effort and at no extra cost.
  • Ease of Customization
    • The AVerCaster SE5820 offers users total and extreme comprehensive customization freedoms; from integrating with CDN networks to API development, and proprietary protocol design. This makes it a wonderful solution for your requirements, however unique.
  • Intuitive Web UI
    • The AVerCaster SE5820 has an intuitive Web UI that makes it easy to learn and operate. That this Web UI is open to customization increases flexibility and ease of management, enhancing efficiency and professionalism during set up regardless of the web browser or client device.

Why the AVer Caster SE5820?

  • Dual HDMI/3G-SDI HEVC 1080p60 Compact Encoder
  • Supports remote NAS and local storage to an external USB device/SD Card
  • Supports Picture-In-Picture layout switch and preview via HDMI output
  • Can be managed with a remote control
  • Encodes HEVC directly
  • Uses PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Comes with an XLR audio input female receptacle.

AVerCaster SE 5820 Specification :

Video Interface


HDMI 1.4b x 2

3G-SDI x 2

Audio embedded

Audio Interface


3.5mm Line-in x 2

3.5mm Mic-in x 1

XLR x 1

Channels 2
Max. Streaming or Recording Resolution 1080p60
Encoding Video Format H.265, H.264
Protocol* TCP, UDP, RTMP
Preview Output HDMI 1.4b
Layout PIP, PBP, single, customized layout
Streaming and Recording 2 to 2 Mode: 2 streams with independent audio/video input, encode setting and streaming protocol.
1 to 2 Mode: Stream the same audio/video content to different target network with independent encode setting and streaming protocols.
1, 1, 1 Mode: Simultaneous streaming and recording from the same video/audio source.  Recording to network mapped drive from NAS and Windows shared folders


Ethernet x 2





USB 3.0 for local storage

SD card slot for local storage

Power Locking power supply 12V/5A;

PoE (Power over Ethernet)

IR IR Receiver (for remote control)

IR Blaster

Integration API for integration and remote control
Accessory Rack mount, DIN rail, VESA mount, wall mount
Operating Environment 0° to 50° ( 32° F to 122° F)

Humidity: 0-80% RHNC

Storage Environment -40° to 70° (-40° F to 158° F)

Humidity: 0-90% RHNC

Dimensions (L x W x H) 210.5mm x 179.2mm x 39.8mm

(8.29” x 7.06” x 1.57”)

Weight 962g (2.12lbs)