Fanvil i30 Kuwait

Fanvil i30 Kuwait

The Fanvil i30 Kuwait an all-in-one IP video door phone that uses standard IP / RTP protocol for voice transmission and adopts RTSP for video transmission.  The i30 supports a variety of enterprise-level features compatible with major platforms, such as 3CX, Asterisk, Avaya, and Broadsoft.



Fanvil i30 SIP Door Phone Kuwait

The design of the Fanvil i30 Kuwait is based on experience and knowledge of Fanvil VoIP phone development. Voice transmission uses standard IP / RTP protocol and video transmission adopts RTSP. The Fanvil i30 SIP Video Door Phone have a variety of enterprise-level features and it is compatible with lots of major platforms, such as 3CX, Asterisk, BroadSoft, Elastix, etc. The Fanvil i30 SIP Video Door Phone is designed for operation in indoor environments.

The robust mechanical construction offers a protective coverage rating against dust and water (IP65). The Fanvil i30 Kuwait SIP Video Door Phone is economical devices with triple function (All in one) – Access control by call, code, indoor switch, and RFID card. Fanvil IP door phones are enhanced with Power over Ethernet features and inbuilt relay. You can open doors by dialing your password or call.

Ideally, the device connects to PCs, VoIP phones, or IP Telephone Systems from where you can talk and monitor guests. Fanvil i30 IP Door Phone can be used in offices, warehouses, or residential properties where its application ensures comfort and protection. In warehouses, companies can set their security level to authorized personnel only accompanied by a two-way communication establishment between visitors and central command. Apartment buildings have similar benefits that provide convenience and easy access to the doors.

The remote control system allows you to instantly recognize your guests virtually and let them in without leaving the couch or desk. The robust mechanical construction of the i30 SIP Video door phone offers a protective coverage rating against dust and water (IP65). The i30 is economical devices with triple function (All in one) Access control by call, code, indoor switch and RFID card.

Features :

  • Small and exquisite, easy to install
  • Graphical Status lights
  • Comfortable keyboard feel, soft backlight
  • All-in-One (Access Control, Intercom, and Broadcasting)
  • Compatible with standard SIP(RFC3261) protocol and main IP-PBX/IMS platform
  • Access by call, code, indoor switch and RFID card
  • Built-in 3W speaker and AEC, support high-quality hand-free communication
  • System online maintenance and management

HD Voice Quality :  

Built to support the advanced DSP noise reduction algorithms and systematic procedures of omnidirectional sound pickup, the Fanvil i130 Kuwait SIP Video Door Phone Kuwait delivers crystal clear conversations. It can effectively minimize background noises which may distract the audibility and fluency of phone calls. It can also optimize the sound pickup range, thus guaranteeing its user a high quality voice which in turn leads to a general amazing communication experience. An embedded 3W speaker and AEC mechanism allows for high – quality hands-free communication.

2 SIP Lines :

The Fanvil i30 SIP Door Phone Intercom supports 2 SIP accounts, therefore boosting efficiency and enhancing communication in the office. This generally improves the productivity of employees.

HD Video :

The Fanvil i30 SIP Video Door Phone is  built to support HD video and voice which results in crystal clear communication between the visitor and proprietor.

Multi – Platform Compatibility :

The Fanvil i30 Kuwait SIP Video Door Phone is configured to work perfectly with different various professional office platforms including Huawei, BroadSoft, Asterisk, NEC, ZTE, Elastix, 3CX, Metaswitch, Avaya, and many others.

Easy Online Configuration and Management :

An easy batch deployment incorporated into the Fanvil Device Management System  enables a user to simply configure and manage the Fanvil i30 SIP Video Door Phone without wasting much time.

Supports Power over Ethernet  (PoE) :

The Fanvil i30 Kuwait SIP Video Door Phone is a highly economical device which is built to minimize high power consumption using Power over Ethernet. It is equipped with an adaptive 10/100mbps Gigabit Ethernet port which connects to a power source. For users who do not have PoE equipment, the traditional power adapter should be used. If the device is connected to a PoE switch and power adapter at the same time, the power adapter will be used in priority and will switch to PoE power supply at power failure on the power adapter.

SIP Compliance :

The Server-Initiated Application (SIP) is incorporated for users to plug and play the phone without the need for configurations. Once the phone is connected to the network and powered on, initialization commences automatically, after which the phone is up and ready for use. Furthermore, the Fanvil i30 SIP Video Door Phone can not only be configured via a user interface, it also accepts SIP NOTIFY messages from SIP proxy servers, which gives it an ability to act as a web server. The Fanvil i30 SIP Video Door Phone is based on SIP v2 (RFC 3261) and works perfectly with most of the SIP platforms such as Asterisk,3CX,  and BroadSoft  that currently exist in the market.

Wall – Mountable, Simple & Space – Saving :

The Fanvil i30 SIP Video Door Phone is a wall-mountable device which  combines the advantages of a neat, compact appearance with the most commonly used functions of a communication intercom. It is a good choice for hospitals, hotels and general business functions

Specifications :

Access Control Function :

  • Two SIP lines, support SIP 2.0 (RFC3261) and related RFC
  • Full-duplex hands – free (HF)
  • Default Auto Answer
  • Open the door operation : DTMF, password, RFID card, switch
  • Support 200,000 door open records
  • Support 2000 remote access list
  • Support2000 RFID cards
  • Support electric lock internal or external power supply options
  • Support customized DSS keys
  • Network Time Synchronization
  • Action URL / Active URI remote control

Audio :

  • Narrowband speech codec : G.711a / u, G.723.1, G.726-32K, G.729AB
  • Broadband speech codec : G.722
  • Full Duplex Echo Cancellation (AEC)
  • DTMF : In-band, out-of-band DTMF (RFC2833) / SIP Info

Video :

  • Sensor : 1/4 “color CMOS
  • Pixels : 1 million
  • Video codec : H.264
  • Resolution : The main stream1280 *720 Sub-stream 640*360, 352*288, 32*240
  • Viewing angle : 110 ° (H), 95 ° (V)
  • Minimum illumination : 1Lux, temporarily does not support infrared lighting

Networking/Protocols :

  • Support PoE (802.3af)
  • Primary and secondary DNS servers are supported
  • Support VLAN
  • Support SNTP client
  • Support VPN L2TP / openVPN
  • Support SRTP
  • Support HTTP / HTTPS web pages
  • Support QoS : 802.1p / q, DSCP
  • Support MD5 authentication
  • Support Web Filter
  • DHCP / static / PPPoE
  • Support STUN

Physical Specifications :

  • 1 DSS button (speed dial button)
  • 4 indicator lights (including hot-key backlight)
  • Numeric keypad
  • 1 indoor switch
  • 1 relay : MAX DC30V / 1A, AC125V / 0.5A
  • Active switching output : 12V / 700mA DC
  • RFID reader : ID (EM4100) standard type IC(MIFARE ONE) custom type
  • RFID card number output : positive sequence output 8H10D
  • Microphone : -38dB
  • Speaker : 4Ω / 3W
  • WAN port : RJ-45, 10 / 100M adaptive
  • Power supply : 12V ± 15% / 1A DC or POE
  • PoE : 802.3af (Class 3 – 6.49 to 12.95W)
  • Standby power : 2.76W, 12V / 230mA
  • Network cable : CAT5 or better
  • Shell material : metal surface, ABS bottom shell
  • Installation : wall-mounted installation
  • Operating temperature : -20 ~ 60 ℃
  • Storage temperature : -40 ~ 70 ℃
  • Relative humidity : 10 ~ 90%
  • Protection class : IP65
  • Equipment size : 160x93x35mm
  • Packing size : 178x104x55mm
  • Equipment weight : 330g
  • Package weight : 450g