Grandstream GWN7603 Kuwait

Grandstream GWN7603 Kuwait

The Grandstream GWN7603 Kuwait is a compact and powerful wireless access point designed to provide reliable Wi-Fi coverage in small to medium-sized environments. With its sleek design and easy installation, the GWN7603 offers high-performance wireless connectivity, supporting the latest Wi-Fi standards for optimal speed and reliability.



Grandstream GWN7603 Kuwait

The Grandstream GWN7603 Kuwait stands out as a versatile and compact Wi-Fi access point, boasting four Gigabit ports. Among these ports, two feature Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) capability, enabling them to provide Power over Ethernet (PoE) to connected devices, while the remaining port serves as an up link, capable of receiving PoE to power the access point itself. With a coverage range extending up to 100 meters, the GWN7603 ensures expansive coverage without compromising speed or reliability. Its self-power adaptation functionality automatically detects PoE/PoE+ and PSE, streamlining the installation process and ensuring seamless operation. Security remains a top priority for the Grandstream GWN7603 Kuwait. Equipped with features such as anti-hacking secure boot and robust data/control lock down through digital signatures, unique security certificates, and randomized default passwords per device, this access point ensures that your network remains safeguarded against unauthorized access and potential breaches. Capable of supporting over 100 Wi-Fi client devices, it excels in handling high-density environments effortlessly. Moreover, advanced Quality of Service (QoS) features prioritize low-latency applications, guaranteeing smooth and uninterrupted performance for critical tasks. Experience the next level of wireless connectivity with the Grandstream GWN7603 Kuwait Access Point – a solution designed to cater to the evolving needs of your network infrastructure. Reliable, secure, and high-performing, this access point is tailored to meet the demands of modern networking environments. Whether you require robust coverage, stringent security measures, or optimized performance, the GWN7603 delivers on all fronts, providing a seamless and dependable wireless experience for your organization.


Grandstream GWN7603 Features

  • 27 Gbps aggregate wireless throughput, 1x Gigabit and 3x Gigabit wire line speed
  • Up to 100 meters coverage range
  • Self-power adaptation upon auto detection of PoE/PoE+ and PSE
  • Anti-hacking secure boot and critical data/control lock down via digital signatures, unique security certificate/random default password per device
  • Support up to 100+ Wi-Fi client devices
  • Advanced QoS to ensure real-time performance of low-latency applications


Grandstream GWN7603 Specifications


Client Devices 100+
Range Up to 100 Meters
Network Interfaces
  • 1 x 10/100/1000 M up link Ethernet port with POE/POE+ 2 x 10/100/1000 M Ethernet port with PSE
  • 1 x 10/100/1000 M Ethernet port
PoE/PoE+ Supports PoE 802.3af/ 802.3at; PSE max output per port: 12W;Max Consumption: 6.5W (Excluding PoE Output)
2.4G Throughput 300Mbps (2×2:2 MU-MIMO); 400 Mbps with 256-QAM
5G Throughput 867Mbps (2×2:2 MU-MIMO)
Wi-Fi Standards IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (Wave-2)
SSIDs 16 SSIDS total, 8 per radio (2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz)
Antennas 2 dual band internal antennas
Wi-Fi and Security Systems WEP, WPA/WPA2-PSK, WPA/WPA2 Enterprise (TKIP/AES); WPA3, anti-hacking secure boot and critical data/control lock down via digital signatures, unique security certificate and random default password per device
Dimensions 135 mm x 115 mm x 30 mm
Mounting Indoor wall mount