Cisco ISR1100 Kuwait

Cisco ISR1100 Kuwait

The ISR1100 Kuwait ISRs are well suited for deployment as Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) in enterprise branch offices and in service provider managed environments.


Cisco ISR1100 Integrated Service Router Kuwait

Cisco ISR1100 Kuwait Series Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) with Cisco IOS® XE Software combine Internet access, comprehensive security, and wireless services (LTE Advanced 3.0 wireless WAN and 802.11ac wireless LAN) in a single, high-performance device. The Cisco ISR1100 Kuwait are easy to deploy and manage, with cutting-edge, scalable, multicore separate data and control plane capabilities.

The Cisco ISR1100 Kuwait ISRs are well suited for deployment as Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) in enterprise branch offices and in service provider managed environments.

Cisco 1100 Series Integrated Services Router (ISRs) with Cisco IOS® XE Software combines WAN, comprehensive security, wired and wireless access in a single, high-performance platform. The Cisco 1100 Series ISR is well suited for deployment in Small and Medium enterprise branch offices.

The 1000 Series offers next-generation connectivity, software-defined WAN, and integrated security. Get routing, switching, and wireless in one device.

The routers come with 8 or 4 LAN ports in various model options: 1111X-8P, 1100-8P, 1100-4P, 1101-4P, 1109-4P, 1109-2P.

Gigabit Ethernet packet forwarding capabilities provide high performance and the multicore architecture has separate cores for data plane and control plane.


Lightweight, compact size with low power consumption- the Cisco ISR1100 can be deployed in many different environments where space, heat dissipation, and low power consumption are critical factors.

High performance to run concurrent services-High performance allows customers to take advantage of broadband network speeds while running secure, concurrent data, voice, video, and wireless services.

High availability and business continuity-

  • Redundant WAN connections for failover protection and load balancing.
  • Dynamic failover protocols such as Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP; RFC 2338), Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP), and Multigroup HSRP (MHSRP).

Consistent, high application performance levels-The Cisco ISR1100 Kuwait can run multiple services simultaneously with minimal performance degradation.

Risk mitigation with multilevel security- 

  • Network perimeter security with integrated application inspection firewall.
  • Data privacy through high-speed IP Security (IPsec) Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES), and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.
  • High-performance VPNs: DMVPN, FlexVPN, GET VPN.
  • Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) to identify malware communications in encrypted traffic using passive monitoring, extraction of relevant data elements, and supervised machine learning with cloud-based global visibility.
  • Cisco Umbrella security architecture to provide content filtering via category-based URL classification and blocking, thus helping increase productivity and providing better use of company resources.
  • Enforced security policy with OpenDNS.
  • Security hardware acceleration.
  • Trustworthy systems with Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and hardware anchor.

Remote configuration and management to keep local IT staff lean-

  • Cisco ISR1100 Kuwait supports separate console/auxiliary and USB ports.
  • Can be configured to work with optional USB token.
  • Supports TR-069.