Fortigate 60E Kuwait

Fortigate 60E Kuwait

The Fortigate 60E Kuwait offers a compact and efficient SD-WAN solution for enterprise branch offices and mid-sized businesses. It provides robust protection against cyber threats with system-on-a-chip acceleration and secure SD-WAN capabilities.



Fortinet Fortigate 60E Firewall Kuwait

The Fortigate 60E Kuwait offers a compact and efficient SD-WAN solution for enterprise branch offices and mid-sized businesses. It provides robust protection against cyber threats with system-on-a-chip acceleration and secure SD-WAN capabilities. Fortinet’s Security-Driven Networking approach ensures seamless integration between the network and advanced security measures. The Security Fabric serves as a comprehensive cybersecurity platform that enables digital innovation. Fortigate 60E Kuwait provides deep visibility into the entire attack surface, allowing for better risk management. By offering a unified and integrated solution, it simplifies the complexity of managing multiple security products. Automated workflows further enhance operational efficiency and reduce response times within the Fortinet deployment ecosystem. The Security Fabric covers several key areas, including Security-Driven Networking, Zero Trust Network Access, Dynamic Cloud Security, and AI-Driven Security Operations. FortiGuard Labs provides real-time intelligence on the threat landscape, delivering timely security updates for all Fortinet solutions. The team consists of experienced security researchers, engineers, and forensic specialists who collaborate with leading threat monitoring organizations, network and security vendors, and law enforcement agencies. By integrating threat protection capabilities into a high-performance network security appliance powered by Fortinet’s Security Processing Unit (SPU), you can reduce complexity and maximize your return on investment. The Fortigate 60E Kuwait appliance offers full visibility into users, devices, and applications across the attack surface, ensuring consistent security policy enforcement regardless of asset location. It also includes industry-validated IPS for protecting against network exploitable vulnerabilities with low latency and optimized network performance. Additionally, it features industry-leading SSL inspection performance to automatically block threats on decrypted traffic, including support for the latest TLS 1.3 standard. With AI-powered FortiGuard Labs and advanced threat protection services included in the Fortinet Security Fabric, you can proactively block newly discovered sophisticated attacks in real-time.

fortigate 60e hawalli

fortigate 60e hawalli



  • Identifies thousands of applications inside network traffic for deep inspection and granular policy enforcement
  • Protects against malware, exploits, and malicious websites in both encrypted and non-encrypted traffic
  • Prevents and detects against known attacks using continuous threat intelligence from AI-powered FortiGuard Labs security services
  • Proactively blocks unknown sophisticated attacks in realtime with the For


  • Application aware routing with in-built SD-WAN capabilities to achieve consistent application performance and the best user experience
  • Built-in advanced routing capabilities to deliver high performance with encrypted IPSEC tunnels at scale


  • Engineered for Innovation using Fortinet’s purpose-built security processors (SPU) to deliver the industry’s best threat protection performance and ultra-low latency
  • Provides industry-leading performance and protection for SSL encrypted traffic including the first firewall vendor to provide TLS 1.3 deep inspection

Security Fabric

  • Enables Fortinet and Fabric-ready partners’ products to provide broader visibility, integrated end-to-end detection, threat intelligence sharing, and automated remediation
  • Automatically builds Network Topology visualizations which discover IoT devices and provide complete visibility into Fortinet and Fabric-ready partner products


  • Independently tested and validated best security effectiveness and performance
  • Received unparalleled third-party certifications from NSS Labs, ICSA, Virus Bulletin, and AV Comparatives

3G/4G WAN Connectivity

  • The FortiGate/FortiWiFi 60E Series includes a USB port that allows you to plug in a compatible third-party 3G/4G USB modem, providing additional WAN connectivity or a redundant link for maximum reliability.

Compact and Reliable Form Factor

  • Designed for small environments, you can place it on a desktop or wall-mount it. It is small, lightweight yet highly reliable with superior MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), minimizing the chance of a network disruption.

Superior Wireless Coverage

  • A built-in dual-band, dual-stream access point with internal antennas is integrated on the FortiWiFi 60E and provides speedy 802.11ac wireless access. The dual-band chipset addresses the PCI-DSS compliance requirement for rogue AP wireless scanning, providing maximum protection for regulated environments.

Interfaces :

  • USB Port
  • Console Port
  • 2x GE RJ45 WAN Ports
  • 1x GE RJ45 DMZ Port
  • 7x GE RJ45 Internal Ports